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When You’re Not Looking

Lee Zeldin fancies himself tough on crime and a supporter of families and law enforcement. But for years he promoted extremist views of the Second Amendment and opposed every measure to minimize gun violence and death.

Last week, he voted no on the House’s assault weapons ban after 10 people were killed and three injured in Buffalo, and 19 children and two teachers were killed in Uvalde, Texas — both massacres because of an AR-15 in the wrong hands.

Zeldin’s record on crime and safety speaks volumes about what he does not do. For Lee, it’s basically do nothing about crime, blame everyone else, and hope no one notices.

New York State crime statistics show 70 percent of crime guns arrive here from other states, as do 90 percent of New York City crime guns. Yet Zeldin advocated for national concealed carry, which would allow more guns from states with weak gun laws to come to our streets. More firepower for criminals, and more crime, death and injury for our communities.

Lee, as you whine on and on about MS-13, how do you think they remain so well-armed?

Last year in Congress, we see the many opportunities Lee had to “fight crime and make our communities safer,” as he frequently demands of others. After naming and lambasting every Democrat he can fit into a Fox segment, Lee voted no on HR 2377, the Extreme Risk Protection Order, or Red Flag Law. These laws permit law enforcement, family and teachers to request that a judge review a person’s possession of weapons. The action is initiated by the those who know the weapon possessor and think he may be dangerous to himself or others. In other words, an opportunity for prevention.

Lee voted no.

This past June, HR 7910, the Protecting Our Kids Act, would have limited the sale of semi-automatic weapons to those over the age of 21, instituted new gun trafficking penalties and enforcement laws, and regulated bump stocks and large capacity magazines.

And, you guessed it, Lee voted no.

In 2021, HR 1620, the Violence Against Women Act, offered unemployment assistance to women who left work because of domestic violence, sexual assault, stalking or harassment — Lee voted no again. And three times in 2021, Zeldin voted against requiring background checks, allowing gun shows in states with weak gun laws to sell weapons without background checks — the same weapons that regularly arrive in New York as crime guns.

Zeldin asks you to believe he supports families, safe communities and law enforcement. But when you’re not looking, he supports extremist MAGA views and takes money from the NRA.

Lee’s own votes tell us what a horrific governor he would be. Start listening.

Jackie Hilly

Sag Harbor

Hilly is the former executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence — Ed.

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