Letter to the Editor: The 16th Senate District needs a change

Second Amendment

Recently, Mr. John Sigler mailed an open letter and fundraising card endorsing Sen. Colin Bonini, R-Dover. From Mr. Sigler’s bio, which he included in the letter, it is apparent to me he is a party insider. Mr. Sigler states Sen. Bonini is a “true conservative.”

While this is probably true, simply voting no on bills without getting meaningful laws passed isn’t a very effective senator. I read that Sen. Bonini has voted no on every budget submitted since he has been in office. From my experience, someone who has a reputation as just voting no so often becomes ineffective. Our senators should be able to propose and get passed bills that help their constituents, not just show up to vote no.

The Republicans are in the minority in Delaware, but being an obstructionist who either can’t or won’t work with the other party doesn’t help anyone. Mr. Sigler, who, according to his bio, was a past National Rifle Association president, may think Sen. Bonini is a pro-Second Amendment conservative, but with all the anti-gun laws recently passed, how effective is he?


The 16th Senate District and the state of Delaware need a conservative voice in the Senate who can do more than just vote no. Eric Buckson is a conservative has served as Levy Court commissioner for three terms, in the minority. As a commissioner, he has been effective in persuading and swaying the other side on issues, while still maintaining his conservative values. He didn’t just vote no.

We need an experienced, effective conservative in the Senate, and Eric Buckson is that person.

Thomas Hoever


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