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Concealed Carry

Republicans don’t care about safety

Regarding his Aug. 24 letter (“Woke Dems favor criminals over us”), yes, Don Ward, “words matter.”
On Jan. 6, Trump supporters violently attacked law enforcement with flag poles and chemical sprays. Trump said he “loved them.” Other Republicans refer to these criminals as “patriots” and “political prisoners.”
Republican violent rhetoric continues to fuel crime. Some examples: the attempt to kidnap and harm Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. Threats against elections workers (Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss). The armed attacker at the Cincinnati FBI office.
The Republican Party has fully embraced gun culture. Days after a Michigan school shooting (four students killed), Republican Massie posted a “Christmas card” to social media showing his entire family holding large guns in front of the holiday tree.
Lauren Boebert followed up by posting a card showing her four minor children holding guns. At least 104 MAGA ads this cycle featured firearms or weapons, with many including threats against opponents on both the left and right. (CAP Action) This is how Republicans feel.
The gun lobby and NRA get more consideration than victims of gun violence.
Crime is running rampant in our communities, and “out of touch” Republicans want more guns and concealed carry.
Police unions in Ohio, Texas and Georgia are protesting the push for permit-less concealed carry laws.
Law enforcement are under daily attack by people with guns and still there is no effort to enact sensible laws.
Don’t get fooled by “The Law and Order Party” Republicans.
They don’t care about your safety.
They don’t care about protecting law-abiding citizens.
Laura Bellinger
Fort Plain

Family wants bail reform repealed

We are the family of John Lee who lost his life to a vicious perpetrator who was on the street because of what has been called the “criminal justice bail reform laws.”
We feel obligated to tell everyone it is not working and is putting the lives of all New Yorkers at risk.
We contacted Sen. Jim Tedisco to inform him of that and found he was the one person who knew and was actively doing something to correct the practice of removing discretion from judges and forced placement to put violent criminals back on the street after they commit violent crimes.
Please help us and all New Yorkers by contacting the governor and Senate and Assembly leaders.
Tell them to follow Sen. Tedisco’s lead for the legislature to come back into session and pass his bills S.1523A and S.1521/A.1705 to repeal the present failed catch-and-release bail reform process and give reasonable discretion back to judges.
Your life, and as we have unfortunately experienced, the lives of your loved ones depend upon it.
Donna Lee,
Tammy Patrick, Tracy Hine
Donna Lee is the wife of John Lee. Tammy Patrick and Tracy Hine are the daughters of John Lee.


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