ILA | North Carolina: Wake County Considering Restricting Target Shooting

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Today, at 5:00PM, the Wake County Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing to consider amending the county’s firearm discharge ordinance to further restrict target shooting on private property in unincorporated areas. NRA members and Second Amendment supporters are encouraged to attend the meeting to oppose this proposed ordinance. To view the agenda or find details on attending the meeting, click here. Click here to sign up to speak at the meeting.

File 16-4399 proposes, among other things, to increase the minimum distance from buildings and livestock to discharge firearms from 100 yards to 300 yards, regardless of the direction of shooting, and prohibit discharging firearms from two hours after sunset to one hour before sunrise, regardless of when those times occur throughout the year or if gunfire can be heard by neighbors.

These one-size-fits-all restrictions unreasonably prevent landowners from safely shooting, or allowing shooting on their property. Forcing citizens to go to commercial shooting ranges adds additional expense, and they often do not have the training opportunities or flexibility that private properties can provide. This will reduce opportunities for citizens to practice to be safe and proficient with their firearms.

The Board of Commissioners will hold another meeting on September 13th to answer questions and hear feedback, followed by a meeting on September 19th to consider final adoption. Please stay tuned to and your email inbox for further updates.


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