Biden’s attack speech was a smokescreen – Chicago Tribune


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What’s next from Biden, Trump supporters forced to wear red armbands and placed in concentration camps? All of this bogus attacking of Trump is smoke screen to keep the other half of America oblivious to the rapid destruction of America.

Guy, Oak Lawn

The string pullers behind Joe Biden had him insult Donald Trump and his supporters in a televised speech again. It’s a lie just like all the other names. Biden seems to have the backing of the entire group of left-wing dictatorships around the entire world. Ben Franklin said it’s a Republic if you can keep it. Can we?

Bill, Plainfield

They irony of the ex-president’s problem is he doesn’t even read. I’m assuming those papers must have pictures.

Tim, Matteson

We’ve got millions to send overseas how come people over here can’t get decent drinking water? What’s wrong with this picture?

Daily Southtown

Daily Southtown


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Alan, Chicago

All Mayor Pekau does is like to make headlines and create sensationalism, something he is good at. He also likes to create attention. The one good thing is keep Pekau in Orland Park, you will do us all a favor. All he is trying to do is gather votes and say whatever his voters want to hear. He is just another MAGA Republican and Trump conspiracist.

Geri, Tinley Park

I got a kick out of Lori Lightfoot’s claim that it was inhumane for the Texas governor to bus migrants to other states. A free seat on a bus is pretty humane. I’ve seen reports of illegals being stuffed in car trunks and crammed into trucks by the dozens. They endure extreme physical discomfort, poor ventilation and suffocating heat in these vehicles. That is inhumane.

Joan, Oak Forest

All the complaints about crime in Chicago from Republicans like Darren Bailey fail to mention that the weapons used are usually purchased in the Republican dominated states surrounding Illinois where all you need is cash to purchase a military style weapon. If Republicans were really concerned about crime they would support common-sense gun control legislation, ban assault weapons and stop accepting donations from the NRA.

Al, Tinley Park

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