The Deb Adams Chronicles Part 2

Concealed Carry

Who Is the Real Deb Adams?
The Deb Adams Chronicles Part 2

by George Gramlich,

Deb Adams, an “unaffiliated” ex-Californian, who moved here fairly recently, is running for Custer County Commissioner against In-cumbent, retired Air Force Colonel, Bill Canda, who is a Custer County native. Adams’ campaign so far is a call for “unity”, love and peace for all. However, her past posts on social media and behavior while involved in various local organizations seem to pose a different picture of a candidate whose values are the opposite of most of Custer County’s citizens. She also made huge attempts at hiding her past, but luckily, failed. We will be exploring her “values and morals” over the next two months. It is an eye opener. Below are some more tidbits:

Exhibit C: Socialism is Good: Here we have Adams complaining about the evils of capitalism after she prospered under it. Below is another lovely social media post by Adams admiring an extremely vocal atheist and another hypocrite on capitalism. Her comment on the post is “There you have it”. Adams ran a photography business in lefty California for a long time and apparently did quite well at it. Now that she has her money, the system she used to get it is no good anymore. And this woman is the head of Custer County’s Tourism Board! Can you imagine her as a commissioner? More taxes, more regulation, building codes, we all must share

Exhibit D: Anti 2nd Amendment anyone? The social media post – Contact Left – contradicts
Adams’ supposed support for the 2nd. Her comment on this post is, “Question of the day! Great read.” Of course, like all libs, she uses “the children” as political props for her denial of one of our God given rights. Adams is also not a big fan of the NRA which we will point out in another Chronicle. Plus, one of her acquaintances related a conversation that he had with her re gun rights where she said “assault rifles” should be banned. In lib land, this means all semi-automatic rifles and shotguns plus confiscation of them. Folks, with the new Colorado law allowing local governments to pass restrictive gun legislation (e.g., the County Commissioners could literally attempt to ban semi-automatic rifles, concealed carry and open carry in Custer County), do you want her sitting on the Board and trying to take your guns away?
The article in the post is here; Good Read? Really?
These posts on social media by Adams were taken down after she decided to run for county commissioner. She is trying to hide her true self from the voters. And she is touting “transparency” as one of her goals. Someone who intentionally hides her past from the public is not fit for public office. Your call this November.
More to come next week and they are doozies.


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