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Second Amendment

Coaching application

I am officially throwing my hat in the ring for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers head football coach position.

I am a 67-year-old high school dropout, but I played a lot of touch football in my youth and I have watched a lot of football on TV. I know I can get those fine young men on the team more riled up and committed to playing harder than Coach Frost. I’ve seen more enthusiasm while watching paint dry.

Did you see how the Georgia Southern coach interacted with his players? He jumped up and down, chest bumped them and patted them on the back — and the results were overwhelming. Frost looked like he’d rather be somewhere else. He has proven the old adage that: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, coach. And those who can’t coach, teach gym.”

I’m sure there’s a high school out there that needs a good gym teacher somewhere. Please consider me as new head coach, and I’ll do it for a lot less money.

Butler support

Three board seats are up for the Papillion La Vista Community School District. I, for one, would like to see change. A positive approach that supports teachers and parents, working with the community, and keeping the tax levy low. That is why I am supporting Elizabeth Butler.

Elizabeth will bring a new perspective to the board, one with fresh ideas to enhance the district’s opportunities for students. Elizabeth won’t need much training, she is well aware of policies having worked in government for 13 years, eight of those years for the City of Papillion. Elizabeth has been endorsed by prominent members from both political parties, the teachers’ union and trade unions. She is a true public servant who has no other motive than to work with everyone for the greater good of the students, teachers, taxpayers and community.

Join me in voting for Elizabeth Butler on Nov. 8. We all will benefit.

Red balloons

It was nice seeing fans at Memorial Stadium not releasing red balloons. Too bad it was because of a helium shortage and not because of environmental concerns.

Nothing is ‘forgiven’

President Biden’s decision to forgive student loans up to $20,000 for certain preferred classes of borrowers, does nothing to address the real problem, an educational system that encourages young people to assume excessively burden-some debt. Nothing is “forgiven,” the taxpayers assume the debt.

Kleine support

I am writing in support of Don Kleine for Douglas County Attorney. I do not know Mr. Kleine personally, but I do know since first elected to the Douglas County Attorney’s Office, his first priority has been public safety. He shows compassion for victims of crimes and holds criminals accountable for their crimes. People charged with minor offenses, he holds them accountable by sending them to diversion programs. I voted for Mr. Kleine in 2018, the only Democrat I voted for on the ballot. This November, I will be voting for Republican Don Kleine.

Worthwhile pursuits?

Tyler Gloe (“Bacon cooperates on issues,”) pointed out Rep. Don Bacon’s recent No. 1 ranking by the Common Ground Committee and went on to say that voting for him would “do our part to heal a divided nation.” I believe Gloe is expecting a bit much of Mr. Bacon.

For all of Don Bacon’s talents (all I could find about him on the Common Ground Committee website were vague scores), he is but one member of a GOP that currently devotes much of its energy to various conspiracy theories involving the 2020 presidential election and COVID-19 while trying to score political points in the hope of increasing its power base. There is nothing Don Bacon can do to alter this focus.

I would remind the people of District 2 that we are not just voting for a congressional representative: we are also voting on which party is going to control the House . Already, some members of the GOP in Congress have brought forth Impeachment articles against President Biden for his handling of the situation along the southern border (which may be a legitimate policy disagreement, but is hardly an impeachable offense.) There have also been recent stories about the many, many investigations the GOP plans to conduct into every aspect of the Biden administration and also the current House Jan. 6, 2021, investigation.

If you believe these are worthwhile pursuits, then by all means, vote for Don Bacon along with everything else on the ballot with an “R” next to its name. If, however, you believe that voting for Don Bacon will lead to a more functional House (or even a more functional GOP), then it’s time to stop kidding yourself.

Trump’s disturbing comments

For Trump to say that if elected president, he will pardon and/or give financial aid to those people who were arrested for being part of the attempted coup on our government on Jan. 6, 2021, truly shows what a disturbed, person he is. These rioters were attacking the very people who are sworn to protect our Capitol and more important to protect Trump and all Americans, and somehow he is saying they deserve a pardon? Tell me he wouldn’t say this just to gain a few votes? What kind of person would do this? But more importantly, is his base listening to this garbage?

Second Amendment

I wish to respond to the Philadelphia Inquirer editorial on gun buybacks that ran in the World-Herald.

First, I agree with the statement that buybacks don’t get guns out of the hands of criminals. Criminals do not obey laws, either; thus the term, “criminals.”

Second, the editorial makes no mention of all the laws, and penalties, for committing crimes with firearms, and the glaring issue of courts and judges not adhering to penalty guidelines when making judicial decisions.

Additionally, the editorial declares that the “gun lobby” has a “stranglehold on state legislatures and Congress” regarding “meaningful gun purchase restrictions.” That is a loaded contention, pun intended. Let’s assume the NRA is the organization the editorial is targeting. I am one of over 5 million law-abiding citizens who belong to the NRA, and I vote consistently at all levels. Since I am one person, I joined the NRA decades ago to support the organization that has a long history of staunchly supporting our Second-Amendment rights.

Demonizing millions of law-abiding citizens who belong to the “gun lobby (i.e. the NRA) only serves to further the political polarization that fogs issues and civil discourse. Good thing the Second Amendment exists, as it intrinsically guards all of our constitutional rights from those seeking to govern by shortcutting the process to get laws they want in place.

Benefits of vaccinations

The Nebraska Infectious Diseases Society is a newly formed, multi-disciplinary group of specialists including physicians, pharmacists, nurse practitioners and physician assistants trained or interested in infectious diseases who are focused on providing the best possible care of Nebraskans through collaboration, research, education, outreach and advocacy.

The first meeting of NIDS was held Sept. 10 in Omaha with over 50 healthcare professionals attending. The agenda included lectures and panels covering topics such as monkeypox, COVID-19 vaccines, long COVID and the growing number of new tick-borne infections such as Lyme Disease and West Nile Virus .

This group of experts recommends that our fellow Nebraskans access to find out information on the symptoms and treatment for monkeypox. We encourage all Nebraskans who have not yet received a primary COVID vaccination to do so, including all children who are eligible. The new bivalent COVID booster will provide additional protection against omicron strains, so all should take advantage of that opportunity soon. There is an overabundance of evidence that these vaccines are safe and that they prevent severe COVID and death as well as reducing the chance of developing long COVID.

Very importantly, don’t forget to get a flu shot this fall as well, which can be safely administered at the same time as the COVID vaccine. The invention and broad implementation of vaccines has been the most important factor in improving human health over the last century. It is the best weapon we have against diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, influenza, COVID and more. Recent cases of polio in New York demonstrate what can happen when vaccination against deadly and/or debilitating infectious diseases decreases.

Let us move forward in continuing to protect ourselves, our families and our fellow Nebraskans from those illnesses we can prevent through immunization.

The Nebraska Infectious Disease Society

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