Major named to head Second Amendment caucus | State

Second Amendment

State Rep. Abby Major, R-Ford City, whose district will include three Indiana County townships through the end of the year, has been named by state Rep. Matt Dowling, R-Fayette, to succeed Dowling as chair of the House Second Amendment Caucus for the remainder of the 2021-22 Legislative Session.

“It is an honor to be picked by the current chairman, Rep. Dowling, for this important role,” Major said. “My predecessor, Rep. Jeff Pyle (R-Ford City), headed the caucus before Dowling, and it makes this appointment all the more special. I will work hard to stand up against those who are trying to take away our constitutional rights.”

The Second Amendment Caucus fights back against legislative proposals that aim to weaken Pennsylvanians’ constitutional rights, as well as being proactive in advancing legislation to support and enhance those rights.

“I’m confident Abby will do a fantastic job leading the caucus,” Dowling said. “During my tenure, I took a proactive approach to ensure our rights are not only protected but strengthened. While I only have a couple of months remaining in the Legislature, I look forward to working with Abby to stop the constant attacks by those opposed to lawful gun ownership.”

Meetings have taken place with representatives of Firearms Owners Against Crime, Gun Owners of America and the National Rifle Association, and caucus members continue to work on pro-Second Amendment legislation.

Until Nov. 30, the 60th Legislative District includes Blacklick, Conemaugh and Young townships in Indiana County, as well as other municipalities in Armstrong and Butler counties.

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