ILA | New Jersey: Overzealous Anti-Gun Politicians Make Critical Blunder

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In their haste to pass more gun control in the Garden State, legislative leadership and their minions rolled out a horribly drafted bill that will put almost everyone in jail.  You read that right.  Everyone, everywhere is going to be unwittingly breaking the law because of sloppy bill drafting.  We have always maintained that the politicians who want to ban guns know very little about the issue, and this week, they have proven our point. 

S.3214 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Law & Public Safety Committee on Thursday, October 27.  The Assembly is set to vote on their version of that bill on Thursday as well.  The problem is that the bill bans all weapons in all “sensitive places,” in other words most of the state.  Hockey sticks at Devils games, knives in restaurants, landscapers using chainsaws in municipal parks, and baseball bats at little league games are just some of the examples.  The list is long.  And because this is New Jersey, these infractions carry serious penalties. 

This bill is nothing more than a swipe at the United States Supreme Court, and concealed carry, which was affirmed by this summer’s Bruen decision.  In addition to the “sensitive places” debacle, the bill dramatically raises fees and training requirements.  So now, in addition to being unconstitutional, the bill criminalizes everyone, everywhere.  These are the exact “gotcha” type gun bills that New Jersey politicians have been passing for years and have been landing honest citizens in legal jeopardy.  Enough is enough.  Your emails to legislators are making a difference.  Please continue this sustained pressure as we work to defeat these embarrassing bills.  Leadership in Trenton is starting to look a whole lot like the White House these days.  We need your immediate help.  Please contact your Senator and Senate President Nicholas Scutari today and ask that they permanently shelve this legislation.  

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