Hochul no longer shares the values of her hometown supporters

Second Amendment

Kathy Hochul’s career in public office began in local government here in Erie County. As a Hamburg Town Board member, she proudly ran with the support of the local Conservative party.

As Erie County Clerk, she led the charge to prevent undocumented immigrants from applying for drivers’ licenses. As a member of Congress, representing a suburban/rural district, she proudly touted her support for the Second Amendment, with an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association.

When corrupt former Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned, Western New Yorkers were thrilled that the governor’s mansion would be occupied by one of their own for the first time since 1910. Finally, our region would have a governor who understood our values.

After Kathy Hochul was sworn in as the 57th governor of the State of New York, Western New Yorkers learned that she no longer shared our values. The reality is Kathy Hochul abandoned the values of our community a long time ago.

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When she made her way to the Capitol, she did a hard turn to the progressive left. It’s clear Kathy is more concerned with climbing the political ladder than honoring her Western New York roots.

Like her former boss Andrew Cuomo, Kathy Hochul demonstrated her contempt for conservative-minded voters, decreeing, “You are not New Yorkers.” Does this include the many conservative Democrats who have been a part of the political fabric in Western New York for generations, including her former constituency?

Hochul has done a 180 from her hardline stance as Erie County clerk and is now handing out $2 billion in pandemic assistance to undocumented immigrants and convicted felons while failing to fully support WNY families and businesses.

And after years of soliciting support from gun clubs across our community, she has decided to make those members criminals by passing blatantly unconstitutional restrictions on their rights to carry a firearm for personal protection.

Perhaps most troubling is her abandoning our community’s support for public safety and hitching her wagon to pro-criminal policies. Tragedies like the recent murder of a young mother from Cheektowaga are the direct result of Hochul’s support for the soft-on-crime legislative agenda in Albany.

It’s time to put an end to Kathy Hochul’s long-con effort to fool this community into thinking she’s still one of us.

Our community deserves a governor who shares their values, not their hometown. Western New Yorkers who want a safer, stronger and more affordable state should vote for Lee Zeldin to be our next governor.

Michael Kracker is the Chairman of the Erie County Republican Committee. 

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