Khanna will fight to protect us in Hartford


Stamford Public Schools were recently locked down when police received a call alerting them to a threat of an active shooter. I can’t begin to imagine the horror and fear of the students, staff and parents following the shelter in place order. Thankfully, it was quickly determined to be a hoax. But this situation serves as a very real and frightening reminder of the threat of gun violence.

And while the emotional and physical toll gun violence takes is immeasurable, gun violence comes with a significant economic cost. Experts
that gun violence costs Connecticut $2.6 billion per year in work-loss costs, police and criminal justice costs, and medical expenses.

So who will fight to protect us in Hartford? The answer is Rachel Khanna. Here’s why:

Kimberly Fiorello consistently votes against keeping us safe. She voted against Jennifers’ Law, which added protections against domestic violence, the No. 1 reported crime in Greenwich. She voted against updates to our red flag law, which now allows doctors and family members to petition the court to remove guns from someone deemed a danger to themselves or others. And she voted against establishing a community gun violence prevention and intervention program.

Kimberly Fiorello aligns herself with gun extremists, earned an A rating from the NRA, and remains silent while two of her Conservative Caucus colleagues sue to overturn our state’s assault weapons ban, a law passed with overwhelming bipartisan support following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.

Rachel Khanna is endorsed by Connecticut Against Gun Violence (CAGV) and is a Moms Demand Action Candidate of Distinction because she takes public safety seriously. I am confident that when it comes to protecting our community, Rachel is the best choice. Please vote for Rachel Khanna for state representative, 149th District, on Nov. 8.

Phyllis Behlen


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