Another shooting. Will we get rid of the guns?

Second Amendment

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So this week, it’s Colorado. Another AR-15 style assault weapon killing five people wounding over 20 more. I just get so tired of calling in to tell all of you Second Amendment NRA people, what is wrong with you? When are we going to get rid of these guns? I just keep calling every time it happens. And I guess it won’t be my last call. How sad sick and senseless.

JK, Tinley Park

Chuck Schumer wants to give citizenship to 11 million illegal immigrants. And the real reason is he just wants 11 million Democratic votes. These Democrats will sell this country out to keep their pathetic little career jobs and they don’t care about the future of this country at all. The Democrats are evil.

Tom, Burbank

Great article about all of the rushing records Justin Fields and the Bears are setting, but the only one that really counts in the end is the Bears 3-7 losing record. Winning football teams prevail in offense, defense and special teams. Obviously, the Bears are not there yet.

Daily Southtown

Daily Southtown


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Jack, Oak Forest

One hundred thirty people from the Van Meter Community School District in Iowa have signed a petition calling for the removal of lesson plans that teach critical race ideology and supposedly promote a liberal political agenda. Here’s a suggestion for them. When Republican Sen Rob Johnson from Wisconsin, who supports a total abortion ban, was asked what a woman in Wisconsin would do if she wanted one, he responded by saying, she should move to another state. So that’s my recommendation. Move!

Wes, Orland Park

I’ve been seeing reports that doctors and health workers are worried that COVID-19, flu and respiratory infections may rise this winter. So far, vaccination rates have been low. Officials are encouraging people to get vaccinated and I do support this. What gets me is that the article was on page 11 of the Daily Southtown. I remember when COVID-19 was front page news. Sunday, the primary article on the front page was about a guy growing vegetables. I guess public health is no longer an urgent priority.

Joan, Oak Forest

Larry Deetjen should be responsible for the $10 million lawsuit rather than Oak Lawn and us. He hit Mark Berkshire, left the scene of the accident and pretended he hit a barrel. Him, not the residents of Oak Lawn, should be responsible.

JK, Oak Lawn

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