Colorado shooting hero did more than officers in Uvalde

Second Amendment

I applaud the Express-News and the reporters and columnists who brought the issue of drunk driving to readers’ attention in last Sunday’s edition.

No one likes to discuss the lifelong damage — physical, psychological and financial — to the victims, and their families and loved ones.

I know because I am one of those victims of a drunken driver. I suffered 45 fractures, lost three organs and damaged many others. I incurred brain damage, and my eyes were torn from my skull. I was on life support, in a coma for more than a month and received a number of blood transfusions.

I lived in five hospitals for two years and spent several more years in outpatient therapy. My vision was restored, though I am still visually impaired. I will suffer cognitive deficits for the rest of my life and have lifelong serious medical issues. The financial costs have reached millions of dollars and continue to grow.

All this because one young man drank and drove. This was his fifth DWI — four in Bexar County — and each time he got a mere slap on the wrist.

For almost killing me, he was convicted and sentenced to prison. He was free on bond while the case was appealed when he was arrested again for his sixth DWI — also in Bexar County — and the judge simply increased his bond. When the appeal was denied, he killed himself. Just over 30 years old, his life was wasted on booze.

All this because someone drank and drove. And the judges let him walk.

B. Sue Caldwell

Condemn racism at game

“Racist incident mars game at tourney,” Sports, Tuesday:

Those in the Marble Falls student section who made loud, abusive monkey screeches when an African American senior athlete was shooting a free throw were wrong.

Multiple adults, including coaches and trainers sitting feet away, did nothing. When good people are silent about racial abuse, it’s like agreeing.

The officials should have called “unsportsmanlike conduct” and penalized the offending team.

The offending team should have been disqualified and forfeited the game. They should have been disqualified from participating in the rest of the tournament. The video of the incident has more than 10,000 views, and is being mentioned on national television.

As Texans, is this how we want to portray our state?

We should show our support for No. 32, senior Asia Prudhomme, condemning the actions of the Marble Falls student section, the adults, coaches and trainers, game officials and the Marble Falls ISD who are complicit in this racism.

Steve Bissell

Mass shootings

Courage in Colorado

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