ILA | Nebraska: Hearing Next Week for Constitutional Carry

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On Thursday, January 26th, the Judiciary Committee will hear Legislative Bill 77, the constitutional carry bill. Please click here to submit comments in favor of LB 77.

In addition, please click the button below to contact committee members and ask them to SUPPORT LB 77.

Legislative Bill 77 recognizes that a law-abiding adult who is already legally allowed to carry a concealed firearm, can do so without obtaining government permission. This ensures that citizens have the right to self-defense without government fees, red tape, or delays. Additionally, this legislation maintains the existing concealed handgun license system, so citizens who still wish to obtain a permit may do so.

Please stay tuned to and your email inbox. NRA-ILA will keep you informed about how you can play an important role in helping us preserve the Second Amendment and freedom in Nebraska.


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