Demand the Removal of Certain Guns in America


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Although the NRA gun lobby and their bought and paid-for politicians deny the seriousness of our nation’s problem with guns, a report by the ATF just blew their lies right out of the water. The government needs to protect the people, not guns and domestic terrorism.

It is the Government’s Responsibility to Protect the American People from Terrorists

Sensible Americans who believe that the safety of the American people should be priority number one have long advocated for a ban on handguns and military assault rifles. These weapons of mass destruction have no other purpose than taking the lives of human beings.

New federal data shows that stolen guns, untraceable weapons, and other deadly devices are becoming more prevalent in U.S. gun crimes, according to the ATF.

Need More Reasons to Demand the Removal of Certain Guns in America?

In the last two decades, there has been a huge increase in the numbers of stolen guns, and gun trafficking. This should be no surprise. Over the last several years the threat of domestic terrorism has become the greatest threat to public safety. In each of these years, there have been more mass shootings, a single incident when four or more individuals suffered injury or death from the use of a gun than days on the calendar.

Although handguns continue to be a problem, the majority of attacks are committed with the use of military-style assault weapons, which are much easier to buy at your local gun store, on the internet, or at “gun shows.”

A very frightening fact is the huge growth in the number of “ghost guns.” These are weapons that are purchased piece by piece and put together by the owner. There is no serial number and no requirement for registration.


When Will the Party of No Take Our Nation’s Problems Seriously?

My friends, we have serious problems in this country. Healthcare only a few can afford, higher education which is only affordable for the wealthy, sensible immigration reform, income inequality, unfair taxation, the opioid crisis, white supremacy, the war on women, and domestic terrorism. These problems existed when Barack Obama left the White House. Not one of them was even mentioned during Trump’s illegitimate presidency.

An Incompetent and Uncaring Government: Guns and Domestic Terrorism

The truth is sad but true. If we had a competent government that performed its jobs as intended, gun violence/domestic terrorism could be solved easily if they were willing to do the right thing. Many of the other critical problems could be solved as well. However right-wing politicians owe their allegiance to special interest groups and will continue to ignore the needs and wishes of the majority.

To tell you that our government is worthless would be a compliment. However, if every American would take their voting rights seriously and vote for the best available candidates, regardless of party affiliation, we could change the way our government works, or should I say fails to work, in the 21st century. Furthermore, any politician who refuses to vote for your needs must not receive your vote. Any politician who opposes the inalienable rights and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, must not receive your vote. Any politician who chooses to vote against the wishes of the majority on any issue, must not receive your vote.

A Good Government Would Move Our Nation Forward on Major Issues Like Guns

We can change the backward road our nation has taken and move forward with all other developed nations.

America remains a young nation but it’s time for our country to grow up and stand for what is important. Sadly, the media and the men and women who sit on the right side of the aisle are too busy playing politics to address important issues.

This Country Belongs to the People: Let’s Take it Back

Finally, let’s make this simple and accurate: this is your country, it does not belong to politicians, corporations, or the super-rich. They are the real minority in America. Use your powers wisely and vote for yourself. Refuse to give a life of luxury and privilege to people like Trump, Moscow Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, Ted Cruz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, George Santos, and many others who are only in office for themselves. They don’t care about you, and you can let them know you are aware of the truth.

Voting day is not that far away. November 5, 2024, will be here very soon. Plan to vote and vote wisely.

By James Turnage

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