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Second Amendment

DFL-proposed gun safety laws should be welcomed by all Minnesotans and all Americans. The gun lobby, which exists to boost sales of guns and ammunition, does not care that firearms are now the leading cause of death among children in the U.S. Or about mass shootings. Or suicides by gun. Or gang-related shootings that damage so many communities. It’s just about the money.


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Before gun sales started falling with fewer people hunting, the NRA championed common sense gun restrictions and gun safety. Now it defends the sale of weapons of war, like the AR-15, to civilians.


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Hooked on NRA money, the Republican party has distorted second amendment “rights” beyond recognition. U.S. citizens are paying the price with gun-related injuries and deaths at rates unheard of in nearly every other country on earth. The resulting pain is tragic. Laws to improve gun safety can only help.

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