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Today, at 9AM, the House Judiciary Committee will hear House Bill 2667 and, at 2PM, the Senate Military Affairs, Public Safety and Border Security Committee will hear Senate Bill 1300. These bills ensure that law-abiding adults are not stripped of their right to self-defense when they cross an arbitrary boundary onto a college campus. Please use the Request to Speak application (RTS) on the Arizona State Legislature website to ask the committees to SUPPORT House Bill 2667 and Senate Bill 1300.

House Bill 2667 and Senate Bill 1300 prohibit governing boards of universities, colleges, and community colleges from enacting or enforcing any policy preventing the carrying of concealed handguns by carry permit holders or preventing citizens from lawfully transporting or storing firearms in locked vehicles hidden from view. Adults who are officially licensed to carry a firearm for self-defense should not be prevented from doing so just because they seek higher education.

In addition, Senate committees heard three pro-gun bills last week and voted to advance them:

Senate Bill 1109 amends Arizona’s definition of “Prohibited weapon” to no longer include suppressors. Current state law already exempts suppressors that are possessed, manufactured, or transported in compliance with federal law, which tightly regulates them. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-3 to advance SB 1109 on February 9th.

Senate Bill 1331 exempts law-abiding parents with carry permits from the ban on possessing firearms when on the grounds of a school in which they have a student enrolled. In addition, it also prohibits governing bodies of education institutions from adopting or enforcing policies against such lawful carry or transporting. This ensures that law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their loved ones. So-called “gun-free zones” are arbitrary boundaries that only disarm these law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless while doing nothing to deter criminals. The Senate Education Committee voted 4-3 to advance SB 1331 on February 8th.

Senate Bill 1428 strengthens Arizona’s firearm preemption law to prevent localities from prohibiting gun shows from operating. This ensures that lawful, tax-paying businesses and citizens may gather to exercise their Second Amendment rights. Firearm sales are already regulated by state and federal law regardless of where they occur. The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 4-3 to advance SB 1428 on February 9th.

Again, please use the Request to Speak application (RTS) on the Arizona State Legislature website to ask the committees to SUPPORT HB 2667 and SB 1300.

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