ILA | North Carolina: Permit-to-Purchase Repeal Advances from Senate Committee

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Yesterday, the Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senate Bill 40, a bill that repeals the permit-to-purchase a firearm requirement. Senate Bill 41, a bill that recognizes law-abiding citizens’ right to self-defense while attending a church with a school attached, became part of Senate Bill 40 and advanced as well.  Now Senate Bill 40 eliminates the redundant background check and ensures that law-abiding adults are not stripped of their right to self-defense at church. Please contact your senator now and urge them to SUPPORT Senate Bill 40!

As previously reported, The National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) is already in place to do background checks and instantly provides that information to firearm dealers. A NICS check is done instantly, while a permit-to-purchase application can take up to 30 days. 

Also, SB 40 now recognizes that adults who are officially licensed to carry a firearm for self-defense will not be prevented from doing so because they walk into a church with a school attached. SB 40 ensures that law-abiding citizens can defend themselves and their loved ones. So-called “gun-free zones” are arbitrary boundaries that only disarm law-abiding citizens and leave them defenseless, while doing nothing to deter criminals. 

Again, please contact your senator and ask them to SUPPORT SB 40! Then, share this alert with your family and friends, and urge them to do the same. 


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