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Second Amendment

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This was the 67th mass shooting in the U.S. just this year. Happy Valentine’s Day. Keep on selling those guns, you gun manufacturers, and keep on promoting it, NRA and right-wing militia Second Amendment supposed people. That Second Amendment was written hundreds of years ago and has nothing to do with what’s going on today. Disgusting.

JK, Tinley Park

There have been more than 60 mass shootings in this country since Jan. 1. So what are the Republicans worried about? Library books? A laptop? Disney World? Art work? Kindergarten teachers? Woke this or that? They are so out of touch.

Doug, Chicago

Congrats to Mark of Orland Park and to JK of Tinley Park on their common sense comments regarding the Second Amendment. The amendment states the right to bear arms is predicated on being part of a well-regulated militia. You want to bear arms? Join one of the many well-regulated militias we have, the Army, Navy, police departments, county police, U.S. marshal, border patrols, Air Force, etc. They’re all looking for people. Otherwise guns in private hands has been a disaster.

George, Calumet City

I’m reading how these Democrats are going after Pence now. When the Republicans are going after Biden and his son to find out what they were doing with Chinese, how come they’re saying that’s wrong, yet they keep on going after everybody? To me, Republicans, I agree with them. Go after Biden, go after his son, go after Sen. Chuck Schumer and all these other Democrats that think their stuff don’t stink. Every one of them are crooks and that goes for any Democrat in Illinois.

Ken, Burbank

It’s been one year since Putin attacked Ukraine. Republicans told us that Russia didn’t possess the resources for a prolonged invasion. Conservative media outlets said Putin had cancer and would be dead soon. Evangelicals claimed God would protect Ukrainians. For a group who wholeheartedly believes in prophecy, the religious right sure sucks at it!

Wes, Orland Park

Chuck from Manhattan, once again, you talked about the lies of Donald Trump. Have you ever heard of a guy named Joe Biden or Hunter Biden? How can anyone say that Donald Trump is a liar after two years of this family? Never have the American people been lied to so much as they have been in the last six years, from the Russian collusion hoax to critical race theory.

Tom, Burbank

I don’t understand about immigrants claiming asylum. All the immigrants coming here have to cross through several countries to come to our border, why aren’t they claiming asylum in the countries they are passing through? I don’t buy their claim of asylum. We should have them prove why they haven’t claimed asylum in an another country. Also, at the point of entry just turn them around and cross back into Mexico and let Mexico deal with their claim since they were allowed into their country.

Carl, Orland Park

Everybody’s getting all over George Santos for all his lies and hey, it wasn’t right. He shouldn’t be in there. Joe Biden lies. He shouldn’t be there. But the biggest liar of them all is Sen. Richard Blumenthal who claimed back in 2008 that he was in Vietnam. Never served there, never left the East Coast. I served four years in the Navy during the Vietnam War. I didn’t serve there. I would have went if the ship was sent there and I would have been safe. But I would never lie and claim valor while serving my country.

Jimbo, Chicago Heights

Wanted, a person that is honest, a person who respects his country, a person who respects people of all races, a person who can run a city like Chicago, which is going from bad to worse. If you are out there, we need you. Please come forward.

Mr. G, Chicago

Associated Press, an alleged news organization, issued directions that crisis pregnancy centers be referred to as anti-abortion centers. These centers provide health care, consultation, sonograms for women with unintended pregnancies. For those who choose to go through with their pregnancy they continue to provide assistance up to and after birth. A news organization should not try to smear organizations whose goal is to assist women because they don’t follow their pro-abortion agenda.

David, Tinley Park

Now that the football season is over, can we now stop listening and reading about the worst team in all the sports? Yes, the Chicago Bears, winners of three games last season. Based on their horrible past drafting, don’t be surprised if next season they turn things around and win four games.

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YCM, Orland Park

Susie from Orland Park, it should be quite obvious that if the people in Latin American countries’ lives are improved, they might be less likely to want to immigrate. So that money could be well spent. Close the borders? What if the border was closed when your immigrant ancestors wanted to come here? We, as a nation, need constant immigration. What we need is a comprehensive immigration reform. But, the Republicans have prevented that since 2013, it’s to good an election issue for them.

Paul, Tinley Park

I have been checking the daily Speak Out, eagerly waiting for one of the regulars, especially Ted Slowik, to blame the earthquake in Turkey and/or the train derailment in Ohio on Donald Trump.

Gary, Oak Forest

The United States is the greatest country in the world followed closely by no one. Yet every time I look at Speak Out, I see vitriol and put downs of our country, democracy, military, schools and fellow Americans from todays faux Republicans. If you don’t like it here, the road leaving the U.S. is far less traveled than the road leading to it. Move to Hungary, they have the despot in charge that you yearn for and you might like the goulash.

Greg, Lockport

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