Why Feinstein’s successor must work across the aisle


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Dianne Feinstein remained firmly committed to working across the aisle, even as partisanship increased in the Senate. As voters start thinking about the political ideals of her successor, some argue that California will be best served by someone who can maintain that spirit.

Guest Commentary written by

Scott Gerber

Scott Gerber is the former communications director for U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein and founder and partner of Vrge Strategies.


Sen. Dianne Feinstein announced this week that she will not run for reelection, sounding the official starting gun for the 2024 campaign to succeed her in the Senate. As the race gets going, it probably makes sense to ask a fundamental question: What should Californians be looking for in their next U.S. Senator? 

Feinstein’s storied career offers some clues.  

Look, I’m biased. I had a front-row seat to her tenure in office, and I saw her at her peak. She was a force of nature. She viewed her job as solving problems for the people of California and the nation.

Her Senate colleagues lived in fear that she would buttonhole them on the Senate floor to get them to sign on to one of her priority bills. When she was trying to round up votes, she was relentless. How else do you think she was able to get the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban passed over the virulent objections of the NRA? How else do you think she was able to publish the Senate Intelligence Committee’s torture report over the concerns of the CIA?

Now some may say – and boy, do they – that her time has passed. That at 89 years old, she doesn’t understand the super-polarized politics fueled by cable news and social media bubbles. That may be true.

But Feinstein has a much deeper understanding of California than those pundits and advocates ever will. That’s why she was the state’s most popular politician – with approval ratings above 50% – until just a few years ago.

From my vantage point, it comes down to three things.

Feinstein is many things, but first and foremost she is a passionate advocate for the principles she holds dear. She’s led the fight for reproductive freedoms before, during and after the Roe era.  More than anyone else, she has stood up against gun violence and for common-sense gun regulations. She passed legislation to increase fuel economy standards for automobiles and light trucks. She sponsored the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act and led the effort to successfully repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (which prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriages) after being one of only 14 senators to vote against it in the first place.

And woe to her colleagues who stood in her way – like Republican Sen. Larry Craig of Idaho who tried to lecture the “gentlelady from California” about the nature of guns and gun violence.

Second, when it comes to fighting for the people of California, you must build alliances – and yes that includes with Republicans. The Senate is a small place. You can’t pass anything of consequence without 60 votes. So on the Lake Tahoe Restoration Reauthorization Act, she worked with Republican Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada to get it passed. On criminalizing cross-border tunnels from Mexico into the United States, she worked with Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona. And on stopping the accessibility of precursor drugs needed to cook meth, she worked with Sen. Jim Talent of Missouri. 

California’s next senator will have to work with Republicans on countless issues important to the state.

Finally, she never lost sight of why the people of California sent her to Washington. It certainly wasn’t to score points on Twitter. California faces enormous challenges, and is the size of 20 other states and the District of Columbia combined but only has two senators. The state needs an advocate who will work to stop global warming and fight for dollars to address the state’s water crisis and catastrophic fires; to make sure that there’s someone working day and night to make sure our nation is safe and our economy is strong.

Feinstein did all of that and more. As the curtain on her career draws to a close, we should remember why she was elected to the Senate six times. I’m hopeful that California will elect someone who brings the passion, the principles, the energy and the indefatigable work ethic that Feinstein brought (and still brings) to the office.  

And I recognize, as I hope the new crop of candidates running to succeed her do, that she was a true pioneer and a trailblazer who leaves enormous shoes to fill.

The announcement that long-serving U.S. Sen. Dianne Feinstein would not seek reelection in 2024 came as little surprise to Californians. But the trailblazing figure’s departure has opened up a new debate: What type of senator should succeed her? Some argue that California needs a more progressive representative who will strive to close the wealth gap, reform the criminal justice system and aggressively fight the climate crisis.

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    could be Nigerians. But to encourage and get the best out of our players in the domestic league, At least 4 to 6 players plying their trade at home should be contained in the Super Eagles. I am sure you’ll find of them that can fit the bill. This is cached page on VietNam smashing News.

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    It is a truly extraordinary sight to beholdExperts from Bath College talk courses, studio room, And pygmy goatsBathJayne Davis and her team revealed all on a far reaching live video Q broadcast on the Bath Live Facebook page’I loved Bruton School for Girls so much as a pupil that I returned as a teacher’EducationPupils and staff sing the praises of Bruton School for GirlsSanta to fly into Somerset town this ChristmasWeston super mareHe will not be arriving in a Sleigh however, As he gives his reindeer a much needed rest before ChristmasKids have the opportunity to have afternoon tea with Santa this Christmas at Taunton garden centreChristmasThe centre’s Christmas Extravaganza weekend is also coming up soonButlin’s Minehead Black Friday deals see February half term breaks cut to 16ppBlack FridayThe resort chain has announced the deals for early 2022 but don’t delayVisit a festive wonderland at Wiltshire this ChristmasChristmasThe enchanting illuminated trail will be coming back to beautiful gardens this festive season from Friday, december 26, 2021 until weekend, economy is shown, 2, 2022Bonfire twilight 2021: Met Office weather forecast for SomersetWeatherThe Met Office has nice thing about it about Friday, the fall of 5.14 activities over the half term holiday October editionSomersetThe best selection of matters to attend to in the Mendip and surrounding areaChristmas at Longleat: all you need to know about the Safari park’s festive event The [url=https://twitter.com/asiameofficial/]asiame.com[/url] event will run from November until JanuaryLions behaved like ‘kittens’ when electrical cables were removed from enclosure at Noah’s Ark ZooEntertainmentThe National Grid said the challenge was ‘unique’We went pumpkin picking in a field near Bristol and this is what happened”As soon as I stepped away from the car, I knew I’d made a bad investment.

  10. Latest news from Leicester along with the UK

    Six essentials that are costing us more money because of inflation riseUK World NewsPeople have been hit by steep increases in price tag energy bills as well as essentials like food and clothesBreakfast briefing: Crunch week for johnson, NHS pay rise forced, HS2 ‘landmark’ moment, Ukraine war fears mount and why some jobseekers fall at the first hurdleUK World NewsMonday’s news round [url=https://asiamescam.weebly.com/]asiame scam[/url] upWoman fuming over price of lamb at Tesco becomes talk of the townUK World NewsPlenty of compassion for husband Clive, Who shopped for the meatPlans to turn home into six flats look set to go ahead despite objectionsproperty newsSix Clarendon Park flats to be created despite neighborhood objectionFate of Leicestershire town’s ‘Jewel in the Crown’ set to be decided todayAshby de la ZouchDeal would help pave the way for crucial revitalisation projectAirline bosses call for end to Covid travel restrictions in letter to GovernmentUK World NewsIn the letter, The CEOs call for restriction free travel to be restored ‘at the very least’ to measures however fully vaccinatedDentist kicked out of a window? insurance broker reveals the strangest claims ever madeUK World NewsOne of the claims involved a hotel keeper being struck in the eye by a champagne corkWhere fuel poverty is worst in Leicester as energy prices soarIn the NewsHousehold bills are expected to rise more this year amid the ongoing energy crisisAlmost a fifth of parents lie to get their child into a top school, Survey revealsIn the Many admit to being dishonest about their current address, Amongst otherThe Gresham Hotel reveals new workplace that can be rented by the month oh, And there’s free coffeeLeicester City CentreSpaces in the office will be available to hire from as little as 175 per month’Queen of Clean’ has top tip to keep your towels soft and fluffy for longerThe QueenLynsey Crombie’s tip is efficient, TooIllegal and harmful content could evade new online safety laws, MPs warnUK World NewsCommittee said the draft legislation currently is neither clear nor robust enough to tackle some forms of illegal and harmful contentAirlines forced to operate more flights to avoid losing airport slotsUK World NewsThey must use their slots at least 70% of the time to keep them from March 27, hauling Secretary Grant Shapps announcedSchools given 1,000 payments to fit Covid vaccination programme for secondary pupilsUK World NewsGovernment also pledges to provide air treatment units to improve classroom ventilationBritain’s biggest family to grow further as Radford daughter falls pregnantUK World NewsNoel and Sue’s third eldest child (including 22) Has confirmed she is expectingJohnson faces crunch week with lockdown parties reportUK World NewsPrime Minister braced for delivery of Sue Gray documentBritish rower with incurable cancer sets new world, new world ” record for Atlantic crossingUK World NewsThe female crew began their voyage on December 12NHS staff need inflation busting rise to end ‘exodus’ of exhausted workers, Health unions tell pay review bodyUK World Understaffing and strains of pandemic have gone many poised to quit their jobs, Warn officialsSpelling mistakes in CVs causing jobseekers to ‘fall at first hurdle’ UK World NewsAlmost two in three job tools contain at least one spelling mistakeLiverpool hospital bomber’s asylum claim rejected by court six years before attackUK World NewsEmad Al Swealmeen died from the blast and subsequent fire after his homemade bomb detonated in a taxi outside Liverpool Women’s Hospital shortly before 11am on November 14HS2 Bill is ‘landmark moment’ for North West’s rail connections, Says ShappsUK World NewsThe high speed railway is anticipated to open between 2035 and 2040.

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