ILA | New Mexico: House Committee Advances HB 100 (14-Day Waiting Period) to House floor; Will Vote on HB 101 (Semi-Auto Ban/Magazine Limits) This Week

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Plus, More Gun Control Bills Filed in the New Mexico Senate

The New Mexico House Judiciary Committee on Friday approved House Bill 100 by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), legislation imposing a mandatory 14-day waiting period on all firearm purchases, by a 6-4 vote. This legislation will not “enhance” the existing FBI background check process in any way as the author claims; it will only delay your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to defend yourself, your family and your property. Criminals do not adhere to a “cooling off” period. This restrictive measure now heads to the full House for consideration. Please contact your State Representative and urge him or her to OPPOSE HB 100.

The House Judiciary Committee also took public testimony on a committee substitute for House Bill 101, also by Rep. Romero, legislation banning the manufacture, sale, purchase and possession of many semi-automatic firearms with detachable magazines that law-abiding citizens commonly own for self-defense, competition, and recreation, as well as certain attachments for them; bans magazines that are capable of holding more than 10 rounds; bans handguns with fixed magazines that can hold more than 15 rounds of ammunition and long guns with fixed magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition; bans parts or combinations of parts from which such firearms can be assembled; and bans .50 BMG caliber firearms. Current owners of any of these firearms or items will have to register them with the New Mexico Department of Public Safety prior to March 1, 2024, to maintain possession, or transfer them out of state or to a federal firearm licensed dealer, or face FELONY charges.  

This was the SECOND committee substitute the author offered to her own bill (the FIRST being the one she offered previously in the House Consumer & Public Affairs Committee), some committee members had not had a chance to review it, and then she announced she had further “technical” changes (such as raising the magazine limit from 10 to 15 rounds) that she wanted to lay out for the committee to consider. The committee did not take action on the bill and will await the printing of a THIRD committee substitute that includes the “technical” changes to be heard later this week (although it is unclear whether further public testimony will be taken at that time.) NRA-ILA will notify you on the details of the next House Judiciary Committee meeting on the bill and will share the language of the THIRD committee substitute with you when it becomes available. (Note: the SECOND committee substitute can be found at the above link in this alert, it is still not posted on the website.)

In anticipation of this bill advancing from the House Judiciary Committee, please begin contacting your State Representatives and urging them to OPPOSE HB 101 as well. 


Last week, MORE gun control legislation was filed in the New Mexico Senate.  These bills have not yet been scheduled for a hearing, but NRA-ILA will keep you posted!

Senate Bill 427 by Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces) imposes a 14-day waiting period on all firearm purchases, with an exception for concealed handgun licensees. Like House Bill 100, this measure will add nothing to the existing FBI background check process and only delay your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to defend yourself, your family and your property. Referred to the Senate Health & Public Affairs Committee

Senate Bill 428 by Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Las Cruces) creates a hostile climate for lawful firearm-related industries and transactions by facilitating an increasing amount of litigation and claims, with vastly increased liability exposure and civil penalties, for even minor suspected violations of the terms of an FFL or the law as the basis for Unfair Trade Practices Act proceedings. Referred to the Senate Health & Public Affairs Committee.

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