ILA | Wyoming: Preemption Bill Up for a House Floor Vote

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The Wyoming House will vote soon on a pro-Second Amendment bill, SF 148, that enhances the current firearm preemption laws. In other words, SF 148 ensures the Wyoming state legislature has the sole authority to regulate firearms, preventing counties and municipalities from passing a patchwork of confusing and conflicting local laws throughout the state. 

States that have repealed firearm preemption laws, including Colorado, California, New York, and Hawaii, place otherwise law-abiding citizens at risk of unknowingly violating an ordinance as they travel within their state, and more so when they travel outside their state of residence. As a result, almost all states today have a law prohibiting local jurisdictions from imposing gun control restrictions that are more severe than state law. 

SF 148 ensures consistency, clarity, and protection for gun owners, and simplifies law enforcement efforts. Your immediate assistance is needed!  Please contact your representative and respectfully request that they vote Yes on SF 148. Then, forward this to your family and friends and ask them to contact their representatives as well!


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