ILA | New Mexico: Recap of Action on Gun Control Bills in Santa Fe on Monday!

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The New Mexico House of Representatives has still not yet voted on HB 100 by Rep. Andrea Romero (D-Santa Fe), legislation imposing a mandatory 14-day waiting period on all firearm purchases. This legislation will not “enhance” the existing FBI background check process in any way, as the author claims; it will only delay your ability to exercise your Second Amendment right to defend yourself, your family and your property. Criminals do not adhere to a “cooling off” period. Even if you have already contacted your State Representative, please continue doing so by BOTH email and phone to urge him or her to OPPOSE HB 100.

​On Monday, the Senate Judiciary Committee tabled SB 171 by Sen. Bill Soules (D-Las Cruces), legislation that attempts to supersede federal law and make it a FELONY to manufacture, sell, transfer, or acquire a firearm sound suppressor and other National Firearms Act items, as well as certain semi-automatic pistols. However, the committee advanced HB 9 by Rep. Pamela Herndon (D-ABQ), a bill that creates back-door storage requirements by imposing criminal penalties on gun owners if a third-party minor accesses and brandishes or injures someone with their firearm. They adopted six technical amendments to HB 9 which do not change the crux of the legislation and which are not posted online yet. The measure now heads to the Senate Finance Committee (which normally does not take public testimony). Please begin contacting your State Senators urging them to OPPOSE HB 9.

Also on Monday, the House Government, Elections & Indian Affairs Committee advanced SB 44 by Sen. Peter Wirth (D-Santa Fe), a measure banning the carrying of firearms within 100ft of any polling locations on Election Day or during early voting, even by concealed handgun licensees. These new “gun-free” zones apply not only to voters, but also to customers who visit or park at shopping centers and stores that serve as polling locations. The measure now heads to the House Judiciary Committee for consideration. Please begin contacting members of the House Judiciary Committee and urging them to OPPOSE SB 44.


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