Ted Nugent Flips Out: ‘Arrest The President’ Because Of Background Checks

Second Amendment

Former NRA board member Ted Nugent screamed on Newsmax that if any federal agent tries to register his guns, he will arrest them instead.

Media Matters caught his act.

President Biden issued new executive orders on gun violence, trying to strengthen background checks and expose gun dealers who refuse to do their jobs.

Nugent had a hissy fit.

“If I’m keeping and bearing arms, then I’m legal based on, not just the self-evident truth of a God-given right, but those that are attempting to infringe on it, those are the bad guys,” Nugent said.

“Let’s say they try to tell me to pursue an immoral, illegal law in the United States of America and register my guns and get a permit for my First Amendment, or maybe a permit for my Second Amendment. If they give me that decree, I’m arresting them,” he said.

“They’re infringing. He’s infringing. Somebody arrest the president. He’s the one violating the Constitution. Eric, who the hell doesn’t know this?”

Someday Nugent will end up in the loony bin foaming at the mouth while begging for his water pistol.

Any attempt to implement common sense universal background checks or keep mass murdering high-powered weapons in check is not an infringement on the 2nd Amendment.

Grow up, Ted. You attempting to “arrest federal agents”? We’d pay to see it.

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