Denver East High, Nashville school shootings draw emotional letters

Second Amendment

Violence against children and at school spark outpouring of concern, rage

Re: “3 children, 3 adults dead,” March 28 news story

Although normally, I’d never watch a video of a shooting, I did just now of the Nashville, Tenn., school event. I do truly praise the officers who went in and did their job so effectively. But my heart aches for the children in that building who will have to endure reliving this trauma for who knows how long, not to mention the trauma of losing three schoolmates and three adults from the school. The Colorado legislature needs to act now on an assault-style weapons ban as well as other significant gun control (background and age limitations for purchase). I so fear for my three small grandchildren who may have to undergo “active shooter” drills in their classroom. This should not be a part of their education!

Catherine Englekirk, Castle Rock

And once again we lower caskets into the waiting earth.

The small ones are the most conspicuous.

And tears are shed and families broken.

Yet those who can affect a change are silent, always … strangely silent.

Nick Lehnert, Longmont

We have a social contract with our children:

• You have to attend school

• We’ll keep you safe

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