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Reader disappointed with Reagan column

I am disappointed that so much space is given to “Another View” by Michael Reagan, in the Times-Standard on Saturday, March 25th. We welcome and look forward to views that are different than our views but to publish this person who makes broad sweeping Fox-Entertainment types of statements with no supporting facts does not encourage discussion and thought.

I must say, we did get a good chuckle at the image of Michael Reagan holding a conversation with the well-educated former Prime Minister Thatcher as he fantasized/recalled, in 2004. That is as amusing as imaging Eric Trump holding a conversation with Germany’s former Chancellor Angela Markel.

Perhaps with his amazing hindsight, he could put forth ideas of how to move forward. When we read his casual use of the misused word “woke” we remember what it means to some of us in Reagan’s age group. The subtle sneer of “woke” evokes inequality and powerlessness. His Wikipedia page says a lot about him. Please consider bringing us more intelligent alternatives.

— Ellen Murphy, Eureka

How much longer for gun reform laws?

Once again we have another mass school shooting, this time in Nashville, Tennessee. What more will it take for Republicans to stop pandering to the NRA and promote more gun control, especially banning assault weapons? Ideally, I would get rid of all guns, but I know that is not possible. What was this shooter doing with two assault weapons? We need firm background checks and cracking down on anyone who is deemed dangerous. Children should not be afraid of losing their lives by going to school which was unheard of in my time. We have more mass shootings than any other nation, and we should hang our heads in shame.

— Mary Jane Jennetti, Eureka

What is the surest path to peace in Ukraine?

Bravo to Timothy Crlenjak for his March 23 editorial about the March 18 “Rally for Peace” at Arcata Plaza. I attended the rally, expecting to find a bunch of MAGA nitwits who thought that Putin is a really cool guy, and that the re-establishment of the Russian Empire is just what the world needs. Instead, I found a group of old lefties, whose motives seemed sincere, if a bit naive. As an old leftie myself, I respect the sentiment, but no one there seemed to appreciate that peace in the face of rampant aggression is not readily achieved, and that insincere calls for peace are part of the aggressor’s strategy.

You will recall that, in another unjust war by an imperial power, Richard Nixon promised a “secret plan” to achieve peace. The secret plan, of course, was to stall and hope to snatch some semblance of victory. So the ironically titled Paris Peace Talks dragged on for over four years while 50,000 Americans died (not to mention about 2 million Vietnamese, Cambodians, and Laotians, which is why we call the war “America’s tragedy”)

You will also remember how Neville Chamberlain, having sold out Czechoslovakia for a few empty promises, proclaimed “peace in our time.”

The surest route to peace in the Ukraine is for the Russian people to rise up and put an end to Putin’s tyranny before he completes the ruin of their country.

— Bruce Will, Hydesville

Reader asks whether intentions were good, bad

In “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy Gale is asked if she is a good witch or a bad witch. When I saw the article about the missionary held hostage and treated with cruelty, I wondered if he was a good Christian or a bad Christian. Right-wing evangelicals have been promoting anti-LGBTQ+ attitudes in Africa. One estimate is $50 million to promote hatred and discrimination against gays, leading to the death penalty, imprisonment and torture of anyone found guilty of amorous intentions toward someone of the same sex. Jesus grew up in the Roman Empire where same-sex relationships were accepted as part of the norm, and he never spoke out against them, so why would anyone calling themselves Christian do that? So just like in the land of Oz, where there is good and bad, there are good Christians who teach love, compassion and understanding and there are bad Christians who teach hatred, discrimination and cruelty. So I wonder if the McKinleyville missionary was a good Christian or one reaping what he had sown.

— Larry DePuy, Eureka

Artist remembered in Morris Graves’ exhibit

Revered artist and long-time North Coast resident Joan Katri passed away recently. The Morris Graves Museum of Art is honoring her with an exhibition of her paintings. The show runs from April 1-23.

The Morris Graves Museum at 636 F St. Eureka is open Wednesday through Sunday from noon to 5 p.m.

— Willa Briggs, Fortuna

Chief recognizes work of K-9 unit

I would like to take this opportunity to express my personal appreciation for the hard work and dedication of the Fortuna Police Department’s K-9 Unit. Over the past two years, the K-9 unit has accomplished incredible results and has definitely exceeded both department and community expectations. The appreciation for the K-9 unit and the pride for this unit extends well beyond the department. I felt compelled to share with you some recent dialogue that occurred with our Measure E committee.

As you know, without Measure E funding, it would be near impossible to finance and fund our K-9 teams, as these units come with a hefty price tag. The Measure E committee has been outspoken in their support of this program based in no small part on the dedication to excellence that has become the benchmark of the program. In a recent Measure E committee meeting, I was asked to bring forward the committee’s overarching support and appreciation for the K-9 program. Specifically, it was the desire of the Measure E committee to directly communicate their support and appreciation for all of the hard work that all of our K-9 program members have put forth.

I sincerely hope that each of you take ownership over the extraordinary success of this program. The effort used in achieving this high level of professionalism is nothing short of remarkable. As I close, I want to share my overwhelming appreciation for your labors. I would also like to share my sincerest gratitude for our Measure E committee members and for the diligent work they do in supporting our City’s programs.

— Casey J. Day, Fortuna

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