Shorter Charlie Kirk: What’s A Few Dead Kids Compared To Owning An AR15?

Second Amendment

During Wednesday’s TPUSA event, Charlie Kirk said it’s worth the cost of people dying to own any mass murdering weapon available.

Like most NRA prostitutes, Charlie Kirk hides under the guise that Americans supporting common sense gun control are trying to take away the Second Amendment

“Having an armed citizenry comes with a price, and that is part of liberty,” Kirk said. “Driving comes with a price,” Kirk said.

Kirk ranted about automobile deaths and related them to gun ownership.

“You will never live in a society when you have an armed citizenry, and you won’t have a single gun death. That is nonsense. It’s drivel. But I am — I think it’s worth it. I think it’s worth to have a cost of, unfortunately, some gun deaths every single year so that we can have the Second Amendment to protect our other God-given rights.”

Automobiles hadn’t been invented yet when the Second Amendment was created. And we haven’t seen a mass murderer drive a car through a school.

The Second Amendment was created after the War of Independence because the colonies did not have a military established for Americans which could defend them from foreign interlopers.

Kirk, the NRA, and gun advocates’ solution for the rapid rise of massacres in schools is to turn the United States of America into a completely militarized zone.

That would take millions and millions of armed security guards to create Kirk’s own utopia.

Anywhere people congregate for business or pleasure, like shops, malls, sporting events, stadiums, concerts, town halls, local convenience stores, Target, Home Depot, Costco, a local park, schoolyard, a baking class, etc., would have at least one armed guard.

In Kirk’s opinion, if your child(ren) gets get massacred by a weapon of mass murder, they sacrificed their lives for a good cause.

The cause is that the Charlies of the NRA get to run around with an AR15, shooting up animals and beer cans. Or, they can go to an out-of-state protest, like Kyle Rittenhouse, and kill people because you disagree with their politics.

These people are sick.

Media Matters has the full transcript and video of this horror show.

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