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Trump grand juryoperated honorably

Re: “Trump indicted” (Page A1, March 31).

I had the honor of serving on a Santa Clara County grand jury. At no time during this process was anyone asked to state political affiliations.

The seriousness of this vital service to our criminal justice system and particularly regarding the fact that no one, ever, no matter their status, is above the law cannot be over-emphasized. In our current reality, the world is reminded that Donald Trump is a Republican due to his and other supporters’ incessant hyperbolic rhetoric permeating the airwaves.

I believe that the grand jury, in this case, was totally unbiased and based its decision fully on the facts and witness testimonies. I know I did, when in the same position. I continue to be optimistic regarding this jury’s decision, trusting our great democracy. I pray others will as well. I hope we never forget the blessing of equal justice under the law.

Barbara HawthorneSan Jose

‘People’s law’ is holdingTrump to account

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy says the Donald Trump indictment has “irreparably harmed” the country. What on earth is he talking about?

Prosecution of misdemeanor or felony crime is harmful, illegal, unconstitutional, wrong? The answer to his befuddling statement is found in a message on a popular T-shirt: “Trust God. Not government.”

McCarthy is trafficking in the popular libertarian philosophy, which is also the evangelical church argument, that government is evil. The fundamentalist church and its anti-civic bedfellows, patriotic libertarian Republicans, are the only forces for good on earth.

The problem with this is that our patriotic ancestors in 1776 were not fighting against government and law, they were fighting against “King’s government” and “King’s law.” Our ancestors wanted “People’s government,” and “People’s law.” When laws are made by the people, they are blessed by God, and people have respect for them.

Kimball ShinkoskeyWoods Cross, Utah

Tennessee strikes wrongnote with expulsions

Congratulations Tennessee Republicans. Your “House” expelled the two black guys but kept the white woman who stood with them 100% in support of their protest of the murder of three 9-year-olds and three adults at a Christian school.

You did all of that on Maundy Thursday. Nice. I can now understand “I don’t give a damn about no Tennessee Vols” much better.

George LicinaSanta Rosa

Careful approach togun control is best

Regarding Susan Swope’s letter (“Gun owner attitudes must change for safety,” Page A6, April 4) about Second Amendment rights, while I endorse her views completely, I think it is very hard to prohibit the rights provided by the Second Amendment — despite her leading questions to gun owners.

However, I certainly think that it is possible to limit access to assault weapons in all states. Just that would drastically reduce the number of children and adults murdered in mass shootings. Many states have even eliminated the need for a permit to conceal or openly carry a firearm. This was backed by the NRA, and leaders within the organization called the move “a monumental moment for the Second Amendment.”

One wonders what would it take for Congress to stand up to the NRA and put some more stringent measures in place for people to exercise their right to bear arms.

Prakash NarayanFremont

Dissonance in valueshurts teen mental health

Re: “The teen mental health crisis is not the place to cut corners” (Page A6, March 30).

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