Springsteen’s Guitarist Deletes Vicious Tweet Cheering Extermination of GOP ‘Cockroaches’

Second Amendment

Guitarist Steven Van Zandt of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band ignited a social media firestorm with a Twitter post that appeared to welcome the deaths of Republicans.

Ironically, the 72-year-old musician made the vile remarks last week because he was angry about the shooting deaths of six people at a Tennessee Christian school last month.

As a reminder, the killer in that case was a 28-year-old woman who identified as male.

Like many harebrained liberals, Van Zandt blamed guns — and not the transgender shooter — for the massacre, bashing the National Rifle Association and GOP lawmakers who support the Second Amendment.

“Outrageous doesn’t begin to describe the actions of these Republican White Supremicist scumbag cowards and p***ies that need guns to feel like real men,” he tweeted.


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“Gen Z, Gen Y, Gen X will unite and exterminate these cockroaches once and for all,” Van Zandt said.

The unhinged leftist deleted the inflammatory tweet — but not before it had been captured and shared.

WARNING: The following tweets contain vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

The musician said he deleted his tweet to “avoid spending half my day deleting Foxsucking scumbag Russian bots and MAGOTT cockroaches like you! Go take away some women’s rights, keep some Black people from voting, go harass a Trans event, go shoot some kids, do what Republicans do best and get the f*** outta my feed!”

He then deleted that obscenity-laced post without explanation.

Van Zandt’s tweets spotlight the warped mindset of today’s liberals, who lament violence while inciting violence.

Springsteen’s bandmate was slammed on Twitter for his ugly, menacing posts.


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“Tolerance, civility & diversity-so sweetly & wonderfully articulated by @StevieVanZandt,” former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee tweeted sarcastically. “I’m glad liberals show so much love!”

As the furor over his tweets continued Tuesday, Van Zandt was questioned about the “exterminate these cockroaches” line.

“In this case the phrase was used as symbolism,” he said. “I know you pathetic MAGotts don’t have the intelligence to recognize that but that’s your problem.

“Don’t project your mindless violence fantasies on this peace loving hippie. Exterminate at the ballot box was clearly what was meant.”

The fact remains that this kind of dangerous, partisan rhetoric sows more division in an already splintered nation and ultimately stokes more violence.


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