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Second Amendment

It is, in fact, our right per the Declaration of Independence to determine our own fate and pursuit of happiness. It is our right to expect reasonable safety. It is our right to protect the republic and to protect the Constitution of these United States and its Amendments. It is our duty per the Declaration to cast off those who wantonly would take from us without our permission.

Barbara Gambell (Letter to the editor, March 27, “We must follow New Zealand gun laws”) wrote, “Gun enthusiasts who hide behind the 2nd Amendment are cowards.” Obviously, Gambrell knows nothing about hunting rifles. In fact, Virginia hunting gun laws allow semi-automatic rifles as long we use .30 caliber projectiles. Yes, semi-autos are designed for home defense. Please, educate yourself before you write.

Dr. Jeffrey Fiske (Letter to the editor, April 20, “Two reasons for the 2nd Amendment”) wrote, “… With the advent of professional law enforcement, a professional military and well-stocked markets, the original reasons for the 2nd Amendment no longer exist …”

I disagree. Dr. Fiske writes that the 2nd Amendment was written for citizens who reside in rural areas of our country. This is a misconception by the left. Every citizen has the right to nature’s first right of self-defense. People own guns for a variety of reasons, but the primary one is personal defense. We are ultimately responsible for our personal defense and the defense of loved ones. Law enforcement might have an obligation to protect you, but they can’t always do that. It is not out of malice but because of logistics. There simply aren’t enough police officers to actively protect the citizens of the country from violence. A firearm allows us to protect ourselves from dangers.

The Supreme Court agreed. In the District of Columbia vs. Heller, the court ruled that a federal handgun ban violates the 2nd Amendment. In McDonald v. Chicago, the justices held that state and local governments also could not prohibit handguns.

Democrats point to gun violence in America, and this is a concern, but just note that not one mass shooting was by an NRA member. Gun violence in America should be laid at the feet of Democrats, who control large metropolitan areas, and refuse to provide safety or rights in cities that have the strictest gun control allowed.

Another reason for the 2nd Amendment: James Kupp (Letter to the editor, April 20 “On the road to authoritarianism?”) pointed out the dangers of authoritarian rule.

Our forefathers wrote the Declaration of Independence and listed the reasons why and grievances against the King of England’s authoritarian rule. During the Revolutionary War, ordinary citizens took up arms against a tyrannical government. We were an armed citizenry willing to fight for our beliefs. Without weapons, we would have had no recourse but to be subjected to England’s rule.

When our forefathers wrote the 2nd Amendment, they kept in mind the first law, of nature’s right to self-defense. I think we are again at this critical moment in history, and I agree with James Kupp.

We may have to decide again to fight a tyrannical government should socialist democrats take control of our government and enforce a socialist ideology on our republic.

Reed Johnson


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