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UC students needa say in books

Recently, the UC system has started to implement “Inclusive Access,” which adds the cost of course content to students’ tuition unless they opt out by a certain deadline, and takes away students’ right to choose how to access their textbooks.

Although they are advertised to save students money, students often find ways to access textbooks in libraries or online for free, and 66% of students have skipped buying a textbook. Price transparency is important for giving students the information they need to make decisions based on their own financial capability. For this reason, the prices of course materials should also be disclosed on the class schedule so that students know the cost of the course before they decide to enroll.

Students should be informed and allowed to make their own decisions about their textbooks.

Bella IbarraBerkeley

Oakland evictionpower is ironic

As a longtime multifamily property owner in Oakland, I was interested to note that Oakland has begun evicting the homeless from the Wood Street encampment.

I and many other property owners are owed tens of thousands in unpaid rent, but eviction was taken away as an option due to the emergency order. Ironic, isn’t it?

David KirkOrinda

To change gun laws,focus on legislators

The Nashville school shooter fired 156 rounds before being killed. That same day, a judge approved a settlement to drop the minimum age for Tennesseans to carry handguns in public without a permit to 18 — two years after legislation set the age at 21.

On April 4, Gov. DeSantis signed a bill with only NRA members present that eliminates licensing requirements for Florida residents to carry a concealed firearm in most public places.

Our “well-regulated militia” needs to be more “well-regulated.” To occur, we need legislators and judges that aren’t beholden to the NRA. Vote only for candidates who don’t accept NRA donations.

For those believing it is a societal or mental health issue, good luck fixing those. For those who insist on throwing more guns into the equation, we’ve done that for decades, and look where we are.

Focusing on regulations and the legislators who make them is what we need to be better at.

Barry BrynjulsonSan Ramon

Tennessee punisheslegislators for their stand

Re: “Armed Louisville bank employee livestreamed attack that killed 5” (Page A1, April 11).

What is wrong with this picture? We have on the one hand a young, undoubtedly troubled, White man who was allowed to legally purchase an assault rifle, shooting and killing or wounding 9 people; on the other, we have two fine and energized young Black men who are expelled from the Tennessee Legislature for being ungentlemanly (read: not old White men) enough to make a big loud stink using a bullhorn to protest easy access to assault weapons.

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