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Change your methods

A word to the woke, if I may: You are right about almost everything–guns, gays, going green, global warming–but some elements of your approach toward solving these problems might be working against you.

This relentless assault on language is a bit off-putting and may be losing you potential allies. The changes have been coming at such a rapid rate as to be confusing to many people, particularly older folks. I am a baby boomer, I am legion, but there are times when I can’t remember my own kids’ names, and I only have two. Asking boomers to try to remember who was canceled yesterday or who gets which pronoun today is unrealistic. Condemning us for our failures is not helping your efforts to bring about change.

“OK, boomer” was funny the first few times, but if you want to enact change in the next 10 years, and global warming dictates that you do so, you will need our help. Many of us have been fighting these battles since before you were born. We are not all bad people, despite our occasional memory lapses, and we have much to offer. Tarring all boomers with the same brush is the definition of bigotry and not fitting an anti-bigot generation like yourselves.


Hot Springs

Important problems

I am thinking about replacing my worn power recliner with a new recliner. My issue is the nature of a power recliner; it is slow to extend and to retract, much slower than a manual. But hey, it has a USB charge port.

I finally get into a comfortable position (infinite choices) and then the doorbell rings or the stupid dog wants out. It takes about an eternity to return to an upright position, so sometimes the stupid dog just has to hold it in. And then, I’m happily reclined watching a great old movie and the power goes out. Not only are the TV and the whole house dark, but I am stuck in a fully reclined position. The damn recliner doesn’t have a manual override. Have you ever tried to get up and out of a fully reclined recliner? I’m no spring chicken, people! So you can imagine my dilemma. Do any of you know of a good power recliner with more rapid movement and a manual override? This is a major issue for me.

The other day in Louisville, Ky., five innocent people were killed and four more, including two cops, are still in the hospital with serious injuries. Another upset American with an American AR-15-style gun filled with American ammo.

Now, back to the important problems we face with our recliner choices. Two great movies back-to-back tonight, “Office Space” followed by “Airplane.” Oh hell, I just knocked the remote control to the floor, but I need to retrieve it prior to the start of “Office Space.” Just enough time to return to upright.


Hot Springs Village

Expulsion lamentable

The expulsion of Democratic Tennessee legislators for protesting the failure of their colleagues to consider tightening gun control in their state is lamentable.

By their protection of profits from sales of military-style weapons and their lack of concern for victims of future mass shootings, Tennessee’s legislators have failed in their collective duty to protect and serve the citizens of their state. The expulsion of those who did not bow to the dictates of the NRA, et al., stands as a rebuke to all who work to protect the innocent and unprotected.

Regardless of the area of life affected by legislation, any bowing to monied interests is ominous, given the evident lack of concern for human rights and life itself.

Arkansans who vote but who do not see this event as a warning that similar attitudes and events may occur here must see its significance and think and act accordingly.



We must take action

It has happened again. I’m referring to the Louisville bank shooting, hoping there’s not another by the time this is printed. Every suggestion is shot down as not enough (from one side) or not feasible (from the other) or taking away our freedom (again, the other side). Philip Martin wrote a strong opinion essay with which no reasonable person could disagree and, not surprisingly, people disagreed. He followed that one with another offering reasonable solutions. The editorial writer actually used the tired “toothpaste is out of the tube” analogy. (If toothpaste was killing our schoolkids, you can bet your last dollar we would be removing it from the shelves.) Of course it is probably true that it’s too late to try and take assault weapons back, because there are so many already out there.

So here are a few more ideas: 1. No more sales of new or used assault-style weapons or anything close. Not from gun stores, not at gun shows, not on eBay, not on Craigslist, not in private sales to friends. No more sales. The Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms, but not to buy or sell. Many of the mass murders have been committed with recently purchased weapons. 2. Begin a buy-back program. Invite George Soros from the left, Harlan Crow from the right, Bill Gates from the left, Elon Musk from the right … anyone who contributes to a political campaign would contribute matching funds to the buyback. Pay a premium to anyone willing to give up their gun. 3. Get really, really serious about red-flag laws. 4. Hold current owners responsible for whatever happens with their guns. 5. Continue thoughts and prayers for the victims, because there will be more.

We must do something!


Little Rock

Was refreshing break

I was reminded Sunday why I still renew my subscription to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette after 20-plus years. Your two editorials on Jesus’ resurrection were a refreshing break from all the discord we experience in society today. Thank you for your unashamed proclamation that Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!



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