Polis should call a special session to address gun violence

Second Amendment

When I was growing up, adults firmly believed that children should be seen and not heard. We were usually shooed away whenever grown folks started talking.

Such old-fashioned thinking is the mindset of some lawmakers at the Colorado Capitol, and more-so Tennessee lawmakers who refused to listen to students coping with escalating gun violence in schools.

The unexpected death of someone you know is hard to take, and doubly difficult for young people. I still recall the death of a well-liked girl in my grade school from an accident in which her dress caught on fire.

Sadness and confusion from 60 years ago came rushing back as I saw the faces of Colorado students begging lawmakers for new solutions to prevent the carnage.

They are rightfully upset.

Given the fierce urgency of now, Gov. Jared Polis should call a special session to hash out these and other differences.

This is the generation that learns math, science, and active shooter drills. CDC data show the leading cause of death among children and teenagers is firearm-related injuries.

Active Minds, a nonprofit that promotes mental health for young people, reports more than 300,000 youth have seen, experienced, or known the pain associated with a school shooting since Columbine in 1999. The group says millions fear they will be next.

One would have thought that by now Colorado’s infamous school shootings and frequent gun massacres would have led state lawmakers to do whatever it takes to protect their constituents.


As a matter of fact, Republicans still spout some version of “thoughts and prayers” as if that’s the best they can do.

That’s because their party interprets the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution as:

“The right of all citizens to acquire military-style weaponry that is specifically designed to kill as many people as quickly possible no matter how heinous and despicable the act, shall not be abridged.”

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