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Second Amendment

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — From big guns to small ones, the National Rifle Association’s annual convention lived up to its billing with 14 acres of guns spread across the Indiana Convention Center this weekend.

Lantac is one of the 600 exhibitors on hand. The company makes rifles and gun accessories. One of it’s employees, Adam Ward, notes the “AR” in Lantac’s products stands for Armarite, not assault rifle.

“For civilians, that capability is not possible unless you have tremendous licensing and background checks,” he said.

As thousands of gun enthusiasts converged on the convention center across town, the group “Moms Demand Action” held a recruitment event. It’s leadership criticized the NRA convention for hosting Republican politicians who are against gun control.

“They should be advocating for responsible gun ownership, but they advocate for guns everywhere and that is not keeping us safe,” said Spokesperson Dr. Holly Simpson.

On Friday, former President Trump said he would expand access to guns if he’s reelected in 2024 and provide teachers with a tax credit if they choose to be armed in the classroom.

While protecting the 2nd amendment is the primary mission of the NRA, Ward said the convention is more than that.

“Of course, just like in anything, you’re going to have those over the top people, but it’s just a place for people. The NRA is a place to show off your product. There’s things from guns to purses to belts.”

The convention offered more than 40 seminars over the weekend to help educate and inform gun owners.

“We’ve got a special seminar for women and women’s self defense. We have a seminar for tracking and stalking white tail deer. We have a new seminar for new concealed carry holders.”

The convention wraps up Sunday.

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