Nancy Mace: GOP Sticking Heads In The Sand On Guns

Second Amendment

South Carolina Congresswoman Nancy Mace told Fox News Sunday that Republicans offering silence, thoughts and prayers, and Easter baskets were not good enough as a response to mass shootings.

FNS brought up how bad the NRA conference looks for Republicans after so many mass shootings have taken place in 2023.

“Where does this conversation about guns go now?” host Shannon Bream asked.

“Well, we [Republicans] need to have this conversation,” Rep. Mace replied. “I will tell you, every mass shooting. There’s just… silence and prayers are offered, Easter baskets are offered, but no real solutions.”

That’s about as critical a judgment as I’ve heard a Republican make against their party on guns.

Rep. Mace described an incident with her kids after a South Carolina shooting and came to this conclusion.

(South Carolina ranks near the top of all mass shootings in this country)

“And Republicans can no longer be silent on this issue,” she said. “There are plenty of things that we can be doing besides offering prayers and silence, some sort of Amber alert, for example, to let the community know there’s been a shooting.’

“Strengthening our background checks is something that the vast majority of Americans support, hardening our schools, churches and synagogues…”

“But yet every time there’s a mass shooting, and they’re increasing every year, every week, we just, we don’t say anything, want to bury our heads in the sand and hope that it goes away,” Rep. Mace stated. “But guess what? It’s not going away.”

“It is an issue that continues to be a problem for Republicans. And we’ve not learned anything from the midterm elections if we’re going to sit here on our hands silently, not offering any type of solution to reduce gun violence in our country,” she said.

Mace then claimed it’s not about gun control to appease her hard-core supporters on the Second Amendment. What she should have said is, ‘it’s not about gun control, only.’

The NRA conference only highlighted how Republicans and their cult leaders bow to the feet of the NA instead of protecting students and adults alike over the epidemic of mass murders.

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