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Powering homes withcars is nothing new

I had to smile today when I read the lead story, “How your car can power your home.” (Page A1, April 17) Heck, we were doing that with a Land Rover 30 years ago when we lived in Tanzania.

We were on the faculty of a theological college where the voltage was “220 volts plus or minus 220 volts.” Seriously.

Because of this, I put together a system of battery chargers, golf cart batteries, an inverter, and a collection of meters and relays that stored power when it was available and automatically switched over to power lights, computers, music systems and whatever when it was not.

At times, though, the electricity deserted us for several days and things went flat. That’s when we started the Land Rover and ran cables into the battery pack. It wasn’t fast, but it was reliable.

Eventually, we broke down and bought a generator. But Land Rover was there before Tesla.

James BangsundSan Jose

Let’s get a WNBAteam in Bay Area

Re: “Women’s sports are having a huge moment. The WNBA is missing it” (April 10).

I am sadly looking at two pairs of unused tickets dated Sunday, Dec. 27, 1998, to the San Jose Lasers vs Seattle of the (Women’s) American Basketball League, which folded in the middle of the season.

My feeling is that after almost 25 years and with the increased interest in women’s sports, it is very disappointing that the Bay Area cannot support a WNBA team.

I can understand Commissioner Cathy Englebert wanting to not over-expand, but somehow I believe that with our large population and financial resources, that financial backing could be found and we need not wait until 2025 or later to have a WBNA team in the Bay Area.

Karen L. EnzSunnyvale

Musical brings light toMatthew Shepard death

Many kudos and thanks to the Choral Project and San Jose State University Choraliers for an extraordinary evening of music.

As an alumna of San Jose State, I am so proud to see SJSU and the Choral Project unite to bring us this beautiful piece, especially at a time in history when sympathy and understanding appear to be fading. This modern-day oratorio, “Considering Matthew Shepard,” through music, poetry and singing composed by Craig Hella Johnson, reflects on the devastating event 25 years ago that led to Matthew Shepard’s heartbreaking and brutal death. It also compassionately emphasizes how his life and legacy shine brighter than the memory of his suffering and demise.

Thank you for reminding me why I live in San Jose where we have access to talented musical organizations like these. I only wish that more residents could have been uplifted and enlightened by this production.

Janice BremisSan Jose

Biden will be reelectedbecause he delivers

Voters are not stupid. The polls are wrong.

Biden has delivered. At home, he is delivering roads, bridges, internet access, clean water, public transit, electric cars, modernization of ports and airports, and more.

For Idaho, pipelines; New Mexico and Colorado, modern airports; Iowa, locks and dams; broadband everywhere; Arizona, Texas, repaired bridges; Mississippi, modern public transport; North Dakota, permanent flood protection. He has delivered almost 11 million jobs with the lowest unemployment in history.

Abroad, President Biden’s leadership resulted in Western democracies standing with Ukraine. For the first time in history, a U.S. president traveled into a combat zone — Russian troops within miles, air raid sirens blaring and no American troop protection. He was warned of the risks. He shrugged them off.

This is a world leader. Strong, stalwart, resolute, well-briefed, always moving forward, Biden has restored America and will be elected again. Voters are not stupid.

Patricia AndrewsSan Jose

Our leaders are failingto deliver on gun control


I’m at a loss for words. I cannot articulate the sadness and outrage I feel every time a mass shooting is reported.

Our cries for gun control go unheeded; worse, states are approving open-carry without permits and no stays on background checks. The mayhem continues and Republican state and federal legislators ignore the obvious: Something needs to be done to control the gun violence in this country. We no longer feel safe in any public space. This is the awful truth that misguided Second Amendment zealots and the NRA lobby deny. There are more guns in this country than the total population.

As a democracy, citizens rely on public protest and the voting booth to be heard, but where can we turn when those elected to protect and preserve are deaf to our pleas?

Claudia ParkerSan Jose

Housing the homelessis no call for division

Re: “Residents divided on homeless housing” (Page B1, March 6).

The core arguments of opponents of housing for the homeless are based on the fear of how introducing interim supportive housing might affect our residential neighborhood.

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