A Missouri lawmaker wants to cut taxes on guns. His constituents aren’t so sure. | State News

Second Amendment

HARRISONVILLE, Mo. — Here at the Interstate 49 exit ramp, a fiberglass cowboy stands three stories high, his two giant pistols drawn on passing motorists.

Max, as he’s known, welcomes visitors to the local Ford dealership, in the heart of Missouri Sen. Rick Brattin’s district.

Guns and diapers

A $4,000 rifle

Her first deer at 6

In addition to removing the sales tax on diapers, one bill would end collection of taxes on the sale of tampons.

The leader of Senate Republicans said senators had made progress in negotiations, and said the chamber would return to the topic later this month.

With one week left before spring break, Republicans may shift debate to transgender issues instead.

The measure was given preliminary approval on a 21-8 vote.

Take a look at some of the video highlights of 2022 from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch staff.

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