Downtown Pensacola parking is a mess.

Concealed Carry

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Keep parking simple

Thanks downtown for so many parking companies. We used to have only one with Monday through Friday free parking after 6 p.m. and free parking on the weekends. Now a person can pay up to $20 a night for things happening downtown.

Go back to the coin meters, they were better and easier to use. So silly to have to use an app on a phone to use to call folks and credit cards. Now we have to stand at a machine and figure out what to do. No one has ever helped me try to work the machines, I am not good at tech and no one wants to teach or help me. I am on my own.

Just remember: keep it simple, stupid.

— Peggy Moshell, Pensacola

Guns lead to false heroics

When we ask why America has so much gun violence, we need look no further than our fellow citizens who have fallen in love with guns.

Men, mostly, have fallen for a romantic story about guns – heroes in their own minds. They love the idea that they carry a gun to protect their families, that they own and perhaps carry to intercede if they ever come across a worthy situation, that they make America safer; “heroes in their own minds”.

But that does not make America safer – rather it makes America paranoid and spreads like a virus infecting all, with dire consequences.

What is the “fix”? While it is a bitter pill, the solution is simple – turn in your guns for destruction. Don’t sell them – that will do no good.

Turn your guns in. And tell your wife and friends that you have rescued yourself and them from that dangerous delusion of heroics. Tell them you are better now. Do it today!

— Robert Robinson, Pensacola

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DR Horton/Stirling proposal bad for county

The Board of county commissioners should vote NO on the DR Horton/Stirling proposal. This plan does not fulfill the spirit of the OLF 8 master plan. Companies/people locate/relocate to areas that have a sense of place. The OLF 8 master plan, if completed as designed, has the potential to be a game changer for the Beulah area and the rest of Escambia County. The impact of that well thought out plan will be felt for decades to come.

We continue to be one of the poorest counties in Florida because we have a history of short-term thinking and decision making versus a long range plan. Do it right and work with a company to build out the master plan. We have the luxury of time to find the right partner, not just someone waving a big check. The DPZ plan was a collaborative effort involving hundreds of citizens. The “spirit of the plan” isn’t even enough. Escambia county needs and deserves the actual plan. Please do the right thing.

— John Peacock, Pensacola

Homeowners insurance mind-boggling

I am writing you because I am sick of the homeowners insurance premiums that I have to pay to insure my house in Pensacola. Five years ago, when I bought my house, I was paying $1,290 a year for coverage. My new premium is going to be $4,533.

My home is 1,200 square feet, solid brick built in 1938. This structure has survived 85 years of hurricanes with no damage. I have never filed a claim against my policy! But it appears that I am going to pay for those who have.

Out of frustration and the inability to get an insurance company to cover my home for a reasonable amount, I am thinking of having a banner made to display the ridiculous amount that I will have to pay for coverage on my home.

— Jessica Tuggle, Pensacola

Be proactive in protecting kids

I am a Christian, a retired mental health professional, a grandfather to two school-aged children, and a licensed concealed carry permit holder. Mental illness, criminals and evil will always have access to guns.

Politicians, laws, money, law enforcement, legislatures and the NRA cannot fix this gun violence problem. This country has moved too far away from God. In the interest of protecting our children in schools, we as parents and grandparents need to take the responsibility just as we do when we “buckle them up” when we put them in a car.

Schools need to take the responsibility to accept volunteers, with background checks, training, some with carry permits to help protect our schools. Schools use volunteers regularly for all type of events. Why not use them for protecting the children?

I would gladly volunteer at my granddaughters’ schools to protect them and other children, while giving my daughter and her husband some sense of additional comfort.

— Tony Stephenson, Pensacola

Tell full story of Osprey

In reference to the editorial “V-22 Osprey program deserves funding” from March 26, the writer fails to mention that the Osprey was grounded by the Air Force. He also fails to mention that the Osprey was involved in 13 accidents (crashes) that resulted in 51 fatalities.

— Harold Jacobson, Pensacola

Christian nationalism failing us

I believe our nation should be a place where people of all religions may worship freely and be free to raise their children in the faith that they have embraced. And our children should be free to embrace their parents’ religion or whatever religion they choose, or none at all. And I believe that’s what our founders intended.

Our influence as Christians should be to turn hearts to Christ by the way that we live and the love that we show, even to those with whom we disagree.

Jesus was the perfect example – many thought he came to establish his kingdom here on earth and wanted him to lead a rebellion against the Roman forces. But he was clear – his kingdom is not of this world.

That is not to say we should not be involved in politics. We should, but in a way that influences others to agree with our values, not force our beliefs on others. When others disagree, they’re not the enemy – they are the mission field. And if we’re outnumbered, we may find ourselves living in a country with policies we don’t agree with. What should be our response? Spewing insults, anger and rage? Physical violence? Preach Armageddon is coming and call followers to arms? I don’t think that is what Jesus taught us.

I believe the Christian nationalism movement embraced by many churches has done a disservice to the teachings of Jesus. And it is turning unbelievers away from Christianity rather than drawing them to the love and grace and mercy of Christ.

— Tim Atkins, Pensacola Beach

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