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I was wondering how the medics, the police department, the sheriff’s (office), … medical doctors, hospitals, fire department and family members feel about the AR-15 when a police officer only has a handgun to try to defend himself in an instant before they bring in heavier arms. I’m sure that affects their families.

My vote

I’ll vote for a safe world, a peaceful country, a party that loves the United States, food I can afford, gas I can afford, (belief) in all people earning wages and not all freebies and a president with a full working brain. I’ll vote Republican for sure.

Legislature, gun control

• It’s good to see the state Legislature struggling with gun control and our gun violence problem. It’s still sad to see so many legislators (not) understand that our society’s degeneration is the real issue. Guns are a problem, but they’re not the main problem. Our society has lost its moral compass and an ethical foundation, which is the Judeo-Christian ethic this country was founded upon. If you don’t stand for something, you fall for anything.

• Concerning the assault weapons ban that was killed in the House: I just don’t understand. … (Rep.) Snyder said he believed the bill would take guns away from law-abiding citizens. Who in their right mind needs an assault weapon, even if you are law abiding. I just think this is ridiculous. Anybody can get assault weapons, and that’s what the problem is in this world right now, that anybody can get an assault weapon and kill anybody they want.

• So they killed the assault weapons ban. Perhaps assault weapons owners could form a color guard for the funerals of the next mass shooting victims.

• Shame, shame, shame to our state and federal government for cowering in the face of the NRA. There is no reason, except military, that anyone should own an assault weapon. Shame, Colorado, for failing to ban these assault weapons. I will work tirelessly to make sure that none of you are re-elected — Democrat or Republican. Shame on your cowardice.

• On the front page of the Friday Reporter-Herald, it has “Assault weapons ban killed in House. ” On the front page of the Saturday Reporter-Herald, “Frequent shootings put U.S. mass killings on record pace.” Why can’t the government ban the sale of assault weapons that are used in these killings, make them for the military only. Get them out of the public and out of the hands of the deviants who commit these killings.

State of the nation

A couple of thoughts about the state of the United States of America: First, homeless veterans camp in the streets while illegal aliens are put up in hotels. Secondly, our culture is certifiably insane: men who think they are women and women who pretend they are men.

More workers

I’m getting so incredibly tired of going to the grocery store (and) not having enough cashiers and people to bag my groceries; going to a restaurant and there’s not enough people working there. It seems like nobody wants to work anymore. Maybe we do need to open up the borders. Maybe that would help.

Blighted land

If the farmland at Centerra South … is blighted, then why does the city of Loveland go around spending money on open land all around our community? Aren’t they, in fact, just promoting blight?

Delivery compliment

I’d like to commend our Reporter-Herald paper delivery person for consistently reliable service to our southwest Loveland neighborhood. His name is Michael.

McWhinney, fracking

If McWhinney is really interested in the future of Loveland, then they should have no problem signing an agreement with the city of Loveland that there will never be fracking inside Loveland.




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