EMERSON NATIONAL POLL: Biden and Trump on Track for 2024 Rematch


Since 2013, the most popular gun control measure continues to be universal background checks, at 82% support. This reflects a two-point increase since 2013. Seventy-percent of voters (70%) support raising the minimum age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21, a ten point increase in the past ten years, from 60%.

A majority, 55%, of voters support a ban on magazines holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition, while 27% oppose it.  By contrast, support for an assault weapons ban decreased ten points since 2013, from 58% to 48%.

“Voters under 35 are most likely to support an assault weapons ban in the United States at 57%. Their support is 12 points higher than voters over 35, 57% to 45%.” Kimball said. “This cuts along party lines, 68% of Democrats support an assault weapons ban while 54% of Republicans oppose a ban. A plurality, 47%, of independent voters support an assault weapons ban while 32% oppose it.”

The survey also measured the favorability of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which held its favorability of 44% from 2013 to 2023.

“Male voters’ opinion of the NRA differs from women voters: 50% of men have a favorable view of the NRA compared to 39% of women who share the same opinion,” Kimball said.

Thirty-seven percent of voters find the economy to be the most important issue facing the United States, followed by crime (14%), threats to democracy (9%), healthcare (8%), immigration (8%), and housing affordability (7%).

Voters were asked if they believed China would invade Taiwan. A plurality of voters (41%) think China will invade Taiwan, while 19% think they will not; 40% are unsure.

“A 55% majority of Republican voters think China will invade Taiwan, compared to 39% of independents and 30% of Democrats,” Kimball noted. “Voters under 50 are about 11 points less likely to think China will invade Taiwan than those over 50, 35% to 46%.”

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