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By Lucius Gantt

Dodge City is a Kansas town that has had an illustrious past. I first heard about Dodge City when I watched “Gunsmoke”, a cowboy TV show that featured the celebrated lawman, Matt Dillon.

Back in the day, Dodge City was a town where gambling halls, saloons, and whore houses thrived.

Wickedness ran wild in the wild west City. It was notorious for shootouts and gunslinging. The sounds of gunshots could be heard, day and night.

Today, too many cities in so-called red states in America are modern-day Dodge cities.


Republicans that enjoy sucking on NRA nipples, enjoy passing legislation that will allow teenagers, the mentally ill, and revenge seekers, to quickly purchase military-type guns that could be used to kill school children, grocery shoppers, night club goers, shoppers at malls, and religious worshipers and senior citizens doing Bible study.

The National Rifle Association members love to quote the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution, but they are silent when NRA members and supporters use military weapons of murder like AR-15s and AK-47s are used to kill concertgoers and toddlers in elementary schools.

Most Americans, believe it or not,  and most members of the NRA believe in sensible changes in local and federal gun laws. People want to upgrade background checks for gun buyers, they want to increase the age requirement to purchase military-style weapons, and more.

I can be corrected, but I think the only way to change American gun laws will be to recall; or vote against the Republicans, and Democrats, that want to maintain and keep harmful gun laws the way that they are.

Gun violence hasn’t always been as bad as it is now. Young and old men and women would have fistfights and catfights to settle beefs and disagreements. The ideas and beliefs that drive-by shootings that kill little kids at birthday parties, road rage shootings that kill preschool children in the back seats of their mother’s car, and ethnic murders of Blacks, Jews, Asians, immigrants, and others should be stopped!

I am a gun owner. I was once a member of the National Rifle Association. When the NRA sold its soul to foreign interests in Russia and elsewhere, I had to bounce!

Don’t act like you don’t know that the NRA gets huge donations from countries from across the pond that want to see Americans kill each other, want to see America divided and conquered, and want so-called American democracy decimated and crumbled.

In the TV version of what went on in Dodge City, gunslingers, and lawbreakers were told to “get out of Dodge”.

Currently, Dodge City, Kansas is a pretty, peaceful tourist attraction.

Voters can show their discontent with Republicans that refuse to pass gun reform laws by voting Republicans, and MAGA Democrats, out of office, that love gun manufacturers and gun lobbyists more than they love innocent, unarmed children and senior citizens who are getting gunned down by modern-day hooligans and gunslingers.

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