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MARYLAND – Governor Wes Moore signed SB1, a bill limiting where you can conceal carry a firearm.

Late Tuesday, the National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit challenging the bill.

Governor Moore says the Attorney General’s Office has reported to him that the bill would not violate the constitution.

The Governor says the bill is about tackling crime at all angles.

But State Senator Johnny Mautz, a Republican representing much of the Eastern Shore says the Governor is making a mistake.

“Common sense legislation that will ensure that a person can’t bring a gun into a pre-school or a hospital or a government office,” the Governor said.

Senator Mautz says the bill is unconstitutional and applauds any legal challenge.

“The Governor has kept a middle line along the line throughout his first term but this is really a big step in one direction,” he said.

In addition to the NRA, the second amendment group Maryland Shall Issue is also promising a lawsuit.

Melissa Ladd with Maryland Moms Demand Action says she will support this legislation even through a legal battle.

“Our parent organization Every Town for Gun Safety has a litigation team that is fully prepared to defend this bill,” she said.

Mautz is hopeful the lawsuit will prevail.

He says the bill directly goes against a Supreme Court decision last summer that weakened limits on concealed carry in Maryland.

“The structure of what SB1 puports to do simply does not follow what is laid out in Bruen in terms of what is lawful regulation and what is not lawful regulation,” he said.

Barring a successful legal challenge, SB1 goes into effect on October 1.

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