5 Things the Left Does NOT Want You to Know About the 2nd Amendment

Second Amendment

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Anti-gun zealots say a lot of dumb things about the Second Amendment.

That’s one reason why Mark W. Smith’s Second Amendment YouTube channel The Four Boxes Diner™ has become so popular.

With over 15 million views, his videos provide YOU with the information needed to debunk the left’s myths about our fundamental right to bear arms.

Here are five important truths gun grabbers DON’T want you to know.


1. Our Founders fought the American Revolution to resist gun control.

This is a story you probably never learned in school, but Smith gives you the full history that the left doesn’t want you to know about. WATCH HERE to find out.

2. The Founders were familiar with — and REJECTED — the “public safety” arguments of today’s anti-gunners.

Do you know the famous saying, “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns”?

It doesn’t come from the NRA. No, as Smith shows you, this bit of wisdom comes from a surprising source who was a huge influence on America’s Founders and who explained why banning guns was dangerous and futile.

3. The Founders put the right to keep and bear arms in the Bill of Rights to help thwart tyranny in all forms.

The Founders didn’t just ensure that Americans’ pre-existing right to bear arms was protected by the Second Amendment. They sometimes required the bearing of private arms, Smith reveals.

Let me repeat that: the Founders sometimes required the bearing of private arms by U.S. citizens.

The Founders saw armed preparedness as essential to defending liberty. There is even MORE to this story at The Four Boxes Diner™ Second Amendment YouTube Channel.

4. The anti-gun left does believe in armed self-defense — but for them, not you.

Sometimes gun grabbers say, “You don’t need a gun. Leave weapons in the hands of trained professionals like the police. They’ll protect you.”

But it’s not true. Cops can’t possibly be on the scene for most violent crimes.

Even The New York Times has admitted it. Last year the Times reported that in the vast majority of “active shooter” incidents, the police show up after the shooting ends. “The fact is, you can’t rely on the police to protect you,” Mark W. Smith says. “You are your own first responder.

Rich and powerful anti-gun crusaders know this. Take those Hollywood celebrities who speak out for gun control — but have armed bodyguards! Or the anti-gun politicians who do the same.

5. No matter what the anti-gunners say, the Second Amendment doesn’t just protect muskets. It protects modern firearms too.

Gun grabbers like to say that the Second Amendment doesn’t protect modern weapons that the Founders never could have envisioned.

Smith gives you the FACTS to refute this bogus claim.

For example, the Founders knew that firearms technology was advancing quickly beyond pouring gun powder down the muzzle of a musket. The Girandoni air rifle, which held over 20 rounds of ammo, was invented a decade before the Bill of Rights.

As the Supreme Court has made crystal clear, anti-gunners can’t ban firearms that are in common use. That includes the “weapons of war” the left rants about — which is their scary name for ordinary semiautomatic firearms that civilians have owned and used for decades.

“You lawfully inherited the right to keep and bear arms — a right Americans fought and died for,” Mark Smith reminds you. “Don’t let someone talk you out of it.”

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