Article: How, What and Why We Celebrate, Shapes Memories and Creates Legacies

Second Amendment

Celebrating memories of the Greatest
and Silent Generation formulating Americans both through,
the Great War and the Great Depression, lessons most didn’t learn
until experiencing 21st century Food Deserts, over population
or suddenly, violently rendered, parentless.

Legacies of America’s imbalanced
balancing act between our presumptive domestic demands and shrinking global
supply, however, didn’t make the cut when descendants of the Greatest
& Silent Generations learned the wrong lessons: Father
Knows Best
, believing everything you read in the papers and sex exists for
men and women only – to increase and multiply.

I’d like to believe we’ve matured
beyond such POVs, but have we – not when continually celebrating myths,
whitewashing memories and building patriotic psychology on the shallow graves
of crooked contingencies.

Realizing post-Civil War generations
were programmed with competing propaganda, we must confront the fallacy of
personal historical comfort zones and unite to modernize our collective
sense of balance between all life on earth, deviating from our home turf

Unlike our 19th & 20th
century national roots, we must wake up and smell the coffee before all
the beans leave our mornings, mourning over resume embellishing overcaffeinated
politicians’ betraying the votes of, We the People for more cream and

Perhaps we need to emulate salesman
Willy Loman less and imitate his wife Linda more, sharing her character’s raison
: Attention must be paid.

Our 2023 gun-violence v. real (rather
than self-righteous Pro-Life rhetoric deserting children after birth), love of
life requiring an American legacy that both questions leaders we empower and
why Pro-Life freedom is more freedom-worthy than the liberty of Pro

This Gauntlet is not just for MAGA
Conservative Republicans and Evangelical Christians imposing their beliefs,
some violently, against abortions, while turning the other cheek, away
from, Aging Out. It’s those who profit from AR-15 sales, which in
a trigger-happy moment exposes NRA’s mockery of Second Amendment militia.

Not all lies, violence and mayhem
started with #45. Indeed, some financial institutions, Corporations and
even some levels of government sensed the future predicting glow of ATMs long
before 9/2/69 – with the 1870 dawn’s early light of the Second
Industrial Revolution
– arguably replacing Blue Collar workers unable to
transform rapidly into White Collar positions, while producing more children to
fill near slave positions for Corporate elites.

Thus, a post Lincoln America, full of
self-importance damning international reality stumbled into WWI. Then
Nazi emulators Dulles brothers twisted the Marshall Plan into the legacy of
America’s, Military Industrial Complex.

Here’s where we started really ignoring
ourselves to death: bystanders watching the earth being raped repeatedly
for coal, oil and gas as if rehearsing 1945 Germans’ alibi, we didn’t know.

Celebrating being deaf, dumb and blind
to the reality of 1/6th‘s Congressional and judicial accomplices
excuses the men behind the men who rent the men who shoot the guns to man-up
our gun violence memories.

Into what legacy are MAGA MEGA donors
remodeling GOP – and Why?

How are 35% of America’s civilians and
military convinced that destroying American democracy is the only way to
fulfill America’s Dream?

Why is the default position of
Conservative patriotism: domestic violence?

Why is The Right fire
wall, burning books, fear mongering indoctrination and, stand back and

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