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Concealed Carry

As a Louisiana grandmother, I am so confused.

I was surprised to read that proposed House Bill 131 would enact a right of citizens to carry concealed weapons without a permit. Here in Louisiana, we need a permit to drive a car because cars can be dangerous, especially without operator training.

The Legislature even requires Louisiana citizens to train to gain a permit to arrange flowers, yet state Rep. Danny McCormick’s HB131 proposes concealed carry without a permit. How smart is that?

Some believe this would level the playing field with criminals who conceal weapons without a license, but that is a weak argument, since a person carrying a weapon with a permit can defend themselves just as well as a person carrying a weapon without a permit. This bill would also legalize people who are concealing firearms with criminal intent. I wonder if the bill’s sponsors have given any thought to that unintended effect.

HB 131 would put our state’s law enforcement personnel at additional unnecessary risk; it is my understanding that many Louisiana sheriffs believe gun holders should be trained and licensed.

Even the NRA believes gun holders need training. On the NRAFamily website, they outline some of the vital protocols for dealing with a traffic stop when carrying a concealed weapon, but I doubt that everyone who could legally carry under this bill would research the NRA website.

This bill is unreasonable and goes beyond an individual’s right to bear arms. It should be defeated if we truly care about the safety and well-being of our citizens.


New Orleans

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