Here’s What Gavin Newsom Was Tweeting About on Memorial Day

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On Monday, an “altercation” between two groups led to a shooting at Hollywood Beach in Florida, leaving nine injured, including children. As of earlier on Tuesday, two suspects have been arrested, though they’ve been determined to not be the shooters. Three are still at large, and five handguns have been recovered. Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA), who seems to talk an awful lot about what other states are doing, despite him claiming to not be running for president, mostly spent Memorial Day speaking out against guns. This included, but was not limited to, the shooting in question.

The tweet lambasted the state’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, for a constitutional carry bill he signed into law, and for good measure blamed the NRA, too, for the “senseless violence” that he warned “will continue.”

Not only was Newsom’s tweet hit with over 8,000 replies and over 500 quote retweets, Jeremy Redfern, who serves as DeSantis’ press secretary, also chimed in to point out a major flaw in Newsom’s complaints. The bill that DeSantis signed doesn’t actually go into law until July 1, 2023, still over a month away.

Further, despite how state governors and President Joe Biden have signed gun control legislation–as he did last year–shootings still exist. Then again, that hasn’t stopped Newsom, Biden, and other Democratic officials from going after the Second Amendment and calling for even more gun control. 

Mike Miller, while addressing the tweet at our sister site of RedState, also made a crucial point about the legislation in question. As he wrote with original emphasis:

The new law allows eligible citizens 21 years of age or older to carry without first obtaining a government-issued permit or paying a fee. And here’s the key: The legislation does not change who is eligible to obtain a carry permit, and those who still wish to get a permit may do so under the law. So Newsom’s nonsensical cheap shot at DeSantis was shot full of even more holes before it was tweeted.

Under the current law, Florida citizens who wish to concealed-carry in public must “desire a legal means to carry a concealed weapon” for lawful consent and pass a fingerprint-based background check, and complete a firearms training class, in addition to the previously mentioned government permit and fee.

While Florida’s new Constitutional Carry law makes all of the above requirements voluntary, the federal government still requires licensed firearms dealers to run background checks, while neither federal nor state law requires private sellers to conduct background checks.

But again, this was not the only time that Newsom tweeted about guns on Monday, even before the shooting actually took place. The political cartoon in question looks to be a take on Newsom’s obsessive harping when it comes to his claim–a false one–that states like Florida are engaging in book bans, something which DeSantis has addressed. Further, schools in his own state have banned books. 

That tweet also garnered attention, including approximately 11,700 replies and over 1,000 quoted retweets taking issue. Many pointed out how such a tweet came on Memorial Day.

His Saturday retweet from the California Democratic Party was also full of partisan politics, as he took digs at not just Florida, but also Texas.

Redfern had fired back at that one, too.

And he wasn’t the only one. 

Such tweets pretty much say it all, but it cannot be emphasized enough how ridiculous it is that Newsom and California Democrats are bragging about how California is supposedly “free” when their population decreased for the first time, while Newsom was governor. Florida and Texas, meanwhile, are growing in population, with Florida actually being the fastest growing state since 1957. 

Where California may consider itself “free” is how criminals are allowed to run wild, especially in Los Angeles, due to the Soros-backed DAs like George Gascón, women can get an abortion up until the moment of birth for any reason without legal limit, and minors who think they may be experiencing gender dysphoria can travel from other states to get irreversible procedures done.

When it comes to the actual occasion for Memorial Day, the reason it was a holiday, did Newsom actually tweet about that? Sort of, through a retweet. 

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