Comey’s Russia-hoax con, Fonda’s climate lunacy and more

Concealed Carry

Diary of disturbing disinformation and dangerous delusions

This tweet:

We say: California Gov. Gavin Newsom covets the White House, but if he can’t get basic facts straight (or purposely gets them wrong), best he stay where he is and limit the damage.

He tweeted in response to a Florida shooting that injured nine, yet as readers note, “federal background checks are and still will be required to purchase firearms in Florida.”

The shooting reportedly involved gang violence “and was a criminal act regardless of concealed carry laws.”

And the law Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed doesn’t take effect until July 1, so it couldn’t have led to the shooting.

This excuse:

“There’s always going to be mistakes. . . . In the main, I think the FBI did it the right way.”

— Ex-FBI boss James Comey, Tuesday

Comey at an event at the 92nd Street Y with MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace on May 30, 2023.
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We say: Mistakes? Comey’s trying to downplay Durham report findings that the FBI launched its Russia-Trump probe based on no evidence while ignoring exculpatory facts and giving rival Hillary Clinton a pass.

Those weren’t “mistakes” but acts of political warfare.

Plus, Comey had the nerve to show up on MSNBC in his weird Steve Jobs outfit as if to say: “Ha! I got away with it.”

This guy should be embarrassed even to show his face in public, let alone do so dressed like that.

This claim:

“There would be no climate crisis if there was no racism. . . . White men are the things that matter and then everything else [is] at the bottom.”

— Jane Fonda, Saturday

We say: At 85, Hanoi Jane is as loopy as ever.

What on Earth does racism have to do with climate change?

Jane Fonda attends the "Elemental" screening and closing ceremony red carpet during the 76th annual Cannes film festival at Palais des Festivals on May 27, 2023 in Cannes, France.
Fonda claimed there wouldn’t be a “climate crisis if there was no racism.”

Even assuming carbon emissions were caused by companies run by “white men,” those firms made products everyone benefited from: gasoline, electricity, even the makeup Fonda uses to disguise her age.

Yet she insists “we have to arrest and jail those men.”

Anything you say, Jane.

This tweet:

We say: Oh, now President Biden touts “bipartisan compromise” — i.e., after he was forced kicking and screaming to strike a deal with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy on the debt ceiling, which the House passed in a heavily bipartisan vote Thursday.

For months, Biden refused to negotiate and ruled out compromise, insisting instead on “no conditions.”

Don’t ever buy a used car from this guy. 

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