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President Joe Biden’s son, the smartest man he’s ever known, has reached a plea agreement with the Department of Justice on two tax misdemeanors and a federal gun charge. The Washington Post has the details because, naturally, the DOJ leaks everything to the Washington Post when it needs a pliant media lapdog to carry water for them. 

The court papers indicate the younger Biden has tentatively agreed to plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax charges of failure to pay in 2017 and 2018. The combined tax liability is roughly $1.2 million over those years, according to people familiar with the matter who spoke on condition of anonymity to describe details of the agreement that are not yet public. Prosecutors plan to recommend a sentence of probation for those counts, these people said. Biden’s representatives have said he previously paid back the IRS what he owed.

Additionally, Biden plans to admit to illegally possessing a weapon following his 2018 purchase of a handgun. As part of that admission, he expects to be entered in a diversion program, a less punitive form of sentence typically applied to people with substance abuse problems. In all, prosecutors would recommend two years of probation and diversion conditions. If Biden successfully meets the conditions of the diversion program, the gun charge would be removed from his record at the end of that period, the people said.

Initial reports suggest that by evading millions of dollars in taxes and illegally purchasing and possessing a firearm, Biden, the self-diagnosed crack addict, will serve exactly zero days in prison. 


Folks, don’t try this at home. 

I know that when the son of the president of the United States is found guilty of federal crimes, you would think that how he is dealt with and the punishment he receives would serve as an example for the rest of us ordinary Americans. You would think that this would be a teachable moment for Hunter Biden to be made an example of for every citizen forced to live under the iron will of our president’s dictates. 

But, of course, you’d be wrong. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. 

After decades of Joe Biden preaching to us minions about how we all need to pay higher taxes because it’s our “patriotic duty” and that the problem in our country boils down to the privileged 1% who don’t “pay their fair share” of taxes, his own son who ducked out on over a million dollars of his “fair share” will get off with a slap on the wrist, while if you screw up with an accounting error that shorts the IRS by a few thousand dollars, you better prepare to lawyer up because you will see no mercy. 

In fact, you might want to fear for your family’s security because Biden’s hiring over 80,000 new IRS agents, many of whom can carry firearms of their own to track you down and make sure you do your patriotic duty – at gunpoint if necessary. 

Oh, speaking of guns… Every time some nutbag in this country went on a killing spree over the past several decades, it was Joe Biden leaping in front of a camera to demonize the NRA, lawful gun owners, and Republican voters who respect the Second Amendment by demanding new laws banning guns that make him feel icky. 

Biden hasn’t met a gun control law he hasn’t embraced, no matter how unconstitutional. So what will become of his own son (did we mention he was the smartest man Joe ever meant?) when he’s found guilty of violating existing federal gun laws? 

Nothing. He cops a plea, pays a fine, is prohibited from buying a gun (all while he enjoys Secret Service protection, so why does he even need a gun?), and he goes home to dial up his favorite pimp to send over some more extremely young illegal prostitutes to his home for a weekend party. He’s a free man, baby. Why not? 

But, if you try to purchase a firearm, and you neglect to fill out the ever-changing paperwork or tell a lie on those forms (something we certainly don’t suggest you do), you will not see the same kind of mercy from the ATF, FBI, or DOJ. Instead, you will be SOL. 

What’s the lesson here? The same lesson we learned when we saw Donald Trump charged with obstruction of justice for moving a box of documents from one room to another while Hillary Clinton took a hammer to her hard drives containing thousands of federal documents. 

We learned that there is something seriously wrong in this country’s justice system, and we are dangerously close to a breaking point if it isn’t fixed. 

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