Indianapolis mayoral candidate announces public safety plan


INDIANAPOLIS – Indianapolis GOP mayoral candidate Jefferson Shreve announced his public safety plan and the steps he aims to take if he is elected in November.

The main points in the plan include:

  • Hiring a Director of Public Safety
  • Hire 300 IMPD Officers
  • Implement an aggressive strategy to combat gun violence
  • Get serious about getting violent offenders of of Indianapolis streets
  • Address root-cause of crime
  • Hold people accountable

“We have to get serious about getting violent offenders off of our streets. There have to be repercussions. We must solve violent crime and convict the guilty,” said Shreve.

Shreve said just an administration ago, Indianapolis crime solve rate was at 80 percent. Now he says it is at 30 percent.

Shreve announced his plan in Broad Ripple a community impacted by recent violence.

“I do not think public safety is political. I think it should be a universal right,” said Broad Ripple Business owner, Bill Ficca.

Ficca said he has seen an 85 percent decrease in revenue due to all that recent violence.
He is looking for change in the community.

“Broad ripple is not unique, and we have great big challenges like Haughville and the north side of Beech Grove, and all around our city,” said Shreeve.

He said to handle safety communications, he wants to hire a Director of Public Safety.

“A Public Safety Director will live police, fire, ems, dispatch. Morning, noon and night and will be held fully accountable to this mayor and the Indianapolis citizens,” said Shreeve.

Shreve also said he aims to tackle crime though mental health, and he plans to hire 300 more IMPD officers, despite trouble with staffing police forces nationwide.

“We have got to beef up the detective core, provide them with the tools and training, and retain them,” said Shreeve.

The Indiana Democratic Party responded to the announcement stating, “NRA member shreve wants Indianapolis to believe that he can take on gun crime, and address public safety, but his record says the complete opposite.”

It’s also important to note Shreve’s gun proposals included raising the legal age to purchase a firearm from 18 to 21, repeal permit-less carry, and ban assault weapon sales. This is part of an already approved gun ordinance. It is important to note the ordinance would require action at the state legislature for any to go into effect.

Mayor Hogsett’s office responded to the announcement of these plans stating in part, “We had been looking forward to a debate over Jefferson’s public safety plans, but unfortunately, we are still waiting for him to announce any. Today’s speech was a hodgepodge of repackaged programs that already exist and meaningless platitudes.”

You can view the full plan here.

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