New Mexico Dem Governor Doubles Down on Gun Ban: ‘It’s Not for Police to Tell Me What’s Constitutional or Not’

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By Jamie White

“It’s not a ban, it’s a temporary pause to make our communities safer,” Gov. Lujan Grisham says. “I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I had the right. I have the right.”

New Mexico Governor Michelle Lujan Graham (D) doubled down on her decision to impose an executive order suspending the right to carry firearms in Albuquerque and other cities.

Gov. Lujan Grisham appeared on CNN Tuesday to push back against Bernalillo County Sheriff John Allen and DA Sam Bregman who vowed not to enforce her unconstitutional order, claiming they have no authority to decide what’s constitutional or not.

“That’s their opinion. They have no bold actions. They don’t have any plans for reducing gun violence,” Grisham said.

“And frankly, the evidence bears out, over and over again, fewer guns on the streets makes everyone safer. And I’m focused on everyone’s constitutional rights, not just those the NRA says I should be focused on.”

The Democrat governor went on to defend her “swift and bold action” to strip away law-abiding citizens’ Second Amendment rights in the name of preventing “gun violence.”

“It’s not for the police to tell me what’s constitutional or not. They haven’t supported one, not one, gun violence effort in the State of New Mexico…It’s not a ban, it’s a temporary pause to make our communities safer,” Lujan Grisham said.

But even CNN’s Poppy Harlow was skeptical about Lujan Grisham’s rationale, asking, “Do you think you’re on solid constitutional ground here?”

“I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t think I had the right. I have the right,” Lujan Grisham insisted.

“But where is the right? Where is the right?” Harlow asked.

Lujan Grisham said her order was just “a suspension” and “not a ban” and complained that the Supreme Court has restricted abortion but has “broadened” the Second Amendment.

“It’s not a ban. And we’ll see what all of these court actions do. And I did say publicly, Poppy, look, I got a Supreme Court that says my personal bodily autonomy can be restricted. And yet, NRA and other issues on the Second Amendment keeps getting broadened,” Grisham said.

Harlow pointed to the state’s constitution: “The New Mexico constitution, I looked last night, Article 2, Section 6, says this, ‘No law shall abridge the right of citizens to keep and bear arms for security and defense. No municipality or county shall regulate in any way any incident the right to keep and bear arms.’ Are you not in violation of both the U.S. Constitution and your state’s constitution?”

“I don’t believe that we are,” Grisham replied. “And if that narrow reading of the Constitution, which has been tested in the state, we wouldn’t have universal background checks, we wouldn’t have a waiting period, we wouldn’t have a red flag law, we wouldn’t have prohibitions for straw purchases. None of those would have been deemed constitutional. And today all of them are.”

In other words, Lujan Grisham says the creeping erosion of the Second Amendment justifies suspending it altogether.

Harlow then indulged in Grisham’s phony logic, posing a false equivalence between abortion – which is not a constitutional right – and the Second Amendment, asking Grisham how she would react if a Republican governor unilaterally outlawed abortion.

“What if a Republican governor of a state declares a health emergency and unilaterally outlaws abortion in that state, where the legislature has not done so by statute, following your logic, would that also be sound?” she asked.

Lujan Grisham responded: “In this situation, honestly, I don’t think so. But that is what’s happening in this country, is that we’ve got extremists on this question and on reproductive rights.”

In addition to top law enforcement officials pledging not to follow her unconstitutional order, Grisham is now facing impeachment calls by New Mexico lawmakers and lawsuits from gun rights groups.

Grisham’s comments to CNN leave no doubt that she’s an authoritarian ideologue who has no understanding of the Constitution.

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